Zamfara state governors from 1999 to date

In this post I will like to explain zamfara state governors from 1999 to date

At the end of this post you will know the total elected zamfara state governors from 1999 to date

Zamfara state governors from 1999 to date

1999 zamfara state governorship election

1999 Zamfara state Ahmed Sani was the elected governor candidate from APP

2003 zamfara state governorship election

In 2003 zamfara state governorship election there are 5 contested candidates that participated in the election

Ahmed Sani was re-Elected as governor candidate from All Nigeria people party ANPP

1 Ahmed Sani Yerima and his running mate Mamuda Aliyu Shinkafi Candidate from ANPP has 829,954 received votes

2 Barr. Bello Umar and his running mate Aminu A.B Muazu Candidate from APGA has 384 received votes

3 Sahabi Aliyu and his running mate Mohammed Abba Candidate from NDP has 6,790 received votes

4 Mande Bala Mahammed and his running mate Anka Mohammed Sani Candidate from PDP has 210,143 received votes

5 Garba Mohammed GajaAbdussamad Y. Usman Candidate from UNPP has 463 received votes

2007 zamfara state governorship election

In 2007 Zamfara state governorship election Mahmud Shinkafi was the elected governor candidate from people democratic party PDP

2011 zamfara state governorship election

In 2011 Zamfara state Abdul’aziz Abubakar Yari was the elected governor Candidate from ANPP

2015 zamfara state governorship election

In 2015 ZAMFARA state Abdulazeez Abubakar was re-elected as governor candidate from All progressive congress APC

2019 zamfara state governorship election

In 2019 Zamfara State Bello Matawalle and his running mate Mahdi Aliyu Gusau Candidate from PDP

1 BALA BELLO MARU Candidate from A has 43,691 received votes

2 YUSUF MUSTAPHA Candidate from ABP has 135 received votes

3 HARUNA AMINU and his running mate ACD and his running mate 402 received votes

4 LAWALI IBRAHIM Candidate from ACPN has 63 received votes

5 KAMILU MUSA Candidate from AD has 99 received votes

6 BADAMASI BELLO Candidate from ADC has 344 received votes

7 ABULMAJID SHEHU Candidate from ADP has 100 received votes

8 BASHIR YUSUF SANI Candidate from AGAP has 577 received votes

9 IDRIS MUKHTAR SHEHU Candidate from APC has 534,541 received votes

10 TAKORI MOHAMMED SANI Candidate from APDA has 807 received votes

11 SANI ABDULLAHI SHINKAFI Candidate from APGA has 3,875 received votes

12 ZAYYANU SALISU (HASKE) Candidate from APP has 191 received votes

13 GARBA ALI Candidate from BNPP has 119 received votes

14 DAHIRU ALIYU GUSAU Candidate from CAP has 42 received votes

15 MUHAMMED NURA and his running mate CC and his running mate 87 received votes

16 ILIYASU SULAIMAN Candidate from DA has 546 received votes

17 KABIRU ILIYASU A. GUSAU Candidate from DPC has 77 received votes

18 AMINU MAINASARA Candidate from DPP has 263 received votes

19 SANI YUSUF Candidate from GPN has 127 received votes

20 KUCHERI SHEHU HUSSAINI Candidate from HDP has 36 received votes

21 HAMISU YAHUZA Candidate from JMPP has 34 received votes

22 SANI ABDULLAHI Candidate from LP has 38 received votes

23 UMAR MANDE and his running mate MM292 received votes

24 SHEHU MUS MAIGOROA Candidate from MPN has 163 received votes

25 KABIRU GARBBA Candidate from NCMP has 28 received votes

26 MOHAMMED BALA Candidate from NCP has 38 received votes

27 UMAR SANI Candidate from NEPP has 48 received votes

28 SAIDU MOHAMMED DANSADAU Candidate from NRM has 15,177 received votes

29 DADI ABDULLAHI O. Candidate from PDC has 70 received votes


MATAWALLE Candidate from PDP has 189,452 received votes

31 SULE GARBA Candidate from PPA has 695 received votes

32 BASHIRU ADAMU GUSAU Candidate from PPN has 168 received votes

33 BALA ALIYU GUSAU Candidate from PRP has 102 received votes

34 MUSTAPHA MUHAMMED Candidate from RBNP has 57 received votes

35 SANI UMAR Candidate from RP has 41 received votes

36 KABIRU YAHAYA MOHAMMED Candidate from SDP has 108 received votes

37 ABALA DEBORA Candidate from SNP has 88 received votes

38 ABBA SANI A Candidate from UPN has 41 received votes

39 AMINU AB MUAZU Candidate from UPP has 43 received votes

40 MANSUR SALEH MAIGWANJO and his running mate WTPN and his running mate 15 received votes

41 MUSA HAYAHA candidate from YPP has 103 received votes

42 USMAN HADIZA USMAN Candidate from ZLP has 25 received votes

2023 zamfara state governorship election

In 2023 Zamfara state Daudu Lawal won With the total number of 377,726 votes

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