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About Us

About us Welcome to eduweb.com.ng Your top-nicth politics website.

We’re here to give you More update on politics and government update you on politics you and set you free from unnecessary boredom, you can also get updates and tips to improve your day to day activity through government and politics, with a focus on dependability, uniqueness and to be your own personal and best website where you conquer boredoms.


Founded and planned in the late 2022, eduweb has been working hard to bring about the best for people around the world when it comes to online government portal. When the developer who was the his passion for movie reviews, latest news solutions was very strong and now find a better way to solve people’s day to day boredoms that people face.

The company believes that its workers are the most valuable and dependable asset, to meet the challenges of its objectives.


While the company will strive to create a congenial and harmonious working environment, offer equal opportunities for advancement and reward workers as appropriate, it will also demand dedication to service and loyalty from employees.

We hope you like this website as much as we enjoy sharing with you what you enjoy the most which can keep you updated in every aspect. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us or send us a mail on muhammedhawal2018@gmail.com / edujist.com.ng@gmail.com