2003 Adamawa State governorship election results

Who is the elected governor in 2003 Adamawa State governorship election

2003 Adamawa State governorship election candidates

There is 7 contested candidates in Adamawa State

Takaya J.Bala

Modibo Adamo Muazu

Sani Abdul Wahab

Commr Usman Adamu Song

Amos Sunday

Haruna Boni

Lot T. Shinto

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2003 Adamawa State gubernation election results

Haruna Boni and his running mate Tukur Mohammed Bello candidate From PDP was declared elected governor with the total number of 623,520 received votes

S/NGovernor Deputy Governor PARTY Received votes
1Takaya J.BalaAtiku UmarAD2,894
2Modibo Adamo MuazuKhan Isary Patrick JolaANPP282,352
3Sani Abdul WahabMuhammed RufaiNCP101
4Commr Usman AdamuMuray GregoryNDP233
5Amos SundayUmar Dena MohammedNCP197
6Haruna BoniTukur Mohammed BelloPDP 623,520
7Lot T. ShintoUsman A. Ahmed VognaUNPP309


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