BORNO State governors from 1999 to date

In this article I will like to explain Borno state governors from 1999 to date

At the end of this post you will know the total number of elected governors in Borno state

Borno state governors from 1999 to date

1999 Borno state governorship election

In 1999 Borno state Mala Kachalla was the elected governor candidate from APP

2003 Borno state governorship election

In 2003 Borno state governorship election there are 10 contested candidates that participated in the election

Borno state Ali Modu Sheriff Elected governor from All Nigeria people party ANPP

List of 10 contested candidates and their running mate in the election

1 Alh. Mala Kachalla and his running mate Alh. Ali Abubakar Jato candidate form AD has 209,743 received votes

2 Sen.Ali Modu Sheriff and his running mate Alh. Adamu Shettima Dibai Candidate from ANPP has 314,624 received votes

3 Izge Mamuda Sanda and his running mate Isyaku Hassan candidate form APGA has 2,445 received votes

4 Baba Ali Keliu and his running mate Usman D.Haruna Candidate from CPN has 168 received votes

5 Alh. Ali Abatch and his running mate Tijani Abubarka Candidate from JP has 88 received votes

6 Satomi Alh. Yaro and his running mate Alh. Aji Furam candidate form NCP has 71 received votes

7 Zanna Shettima Woroma Abdullahi and his running mate Abdullahi Betara Miringa has NDP has 872 received votes

8 Ibrahim Imam Kashim and his running mate Kida Ibrahim Umar Candidate from PDP has 223,757 received votes

9 Usman Umar Mustapha Lawan and his running mate Aisami Kapi Candidate from PRP has 277 received votes

10 Mongno Mustapha Mohammed and his running mate Galadima Abdullahi Candidate from UNPP has 527 received votes


2007 Borno state governorship election

In 2007 Borno state Ali Modu Sheriff was re-elected as governor candidate from ANPP


2011 BORNO State governorship election

In 2011 BORNO State governorship election there are 12 contested candidates that participated in the election

Borno state Kashim Shettima was the elected governor Candidate from ANPP

List of 12 contested candidates that participated in the election

1 KASHIM SHETTIMA Candidate from ANPP has 531,147 received votes

2 ALH. MOHAMMED GONI Candidate from PDP has 450,140 received votes

3 ALH. MUSTAFA BABA SHEHURI Candidate from CPC has 51,378 received votes

4 IBRAHIM M. ALI Candidate from ACN has 6,261 received votes

5 SULEIMAN LAWAN SARKI Candidate from PAC has 3,002 received votes

6 BUKAR ALHAJI BARMA GARBA Candidate from APGA has 1,869 received votes

7 MOHAMMED KAMBAR Candidate from ALP has 1,751 received votes

8 INUWA RABI’U ZANGINA Candidate from AD has 1,382 received votes

9 ALH. UMAR MUSTAPHA KUMSHE Candidate from KP has 1,355 received votes

10 ALH. ABBA MOHAMMED Candidate from ADC has 1,228 received votes

11 MOHAMMED ISA KIDA Candidate from NAP has 768 received votes

12 ALH. BUKA MAKINIA Candidate from MPPP has 520 received votes

2015 Borno state governorship election

In 2015 BORNO State Kashim Shettima was Re-Elected as governor candidate from APC

2019 Borno state governorship election

Borno State BabaGana Umara and his running mate Umar Usman Kadafur Candidate from APC

List of 32 contested candidates that participated in the election

1 MUKTAR ABDULLAHI Candidate from AD has 533 received votes

2 MUHAMMED KHALAJINDA Candidate from ADC has 585 received votes

3 ALIYU AUDU SHUAIBU Candidate from ADP has 1,219 received votes

4 BABA GANA UMARA Candidate from APC has 1,175,440 received votes

5 BABAGANA MOHAMMAD Candidate from APM has 587 received

6 MUSTAPHA MUHAMMED KIMEMI Candidate from APN has 662 received

7 UMAR ALI DIMARI Candidate from APP has 436 received votes

8 BABA KACHALLA MUHAMMAD Candidate from ASD has 77 received votes

9 KAKA GONI SHETTIMA Candidate from BNPP has 65 received votes

10 BABAGANA MALAH BAKAMI Candidate from CAP has 113 received votes

11 BABA GANA GALAWAJI Candidate from DA has 102 received votes

12 YUSUF KACHALLAH Candidate from DDP has 247 received votes

13 MOHAMMED SHEHU LAMINU Candidate from GPN has 2,014 received votes

14 MONGUNO RUFAI Candidate from ID has 55 received votes

15 ABUBAKAR ABDULLAHI Candidate from JMPP has 59 received votes

16 HABIB MUHAMMED ABBA Candidate from KP has 836 received votes

17 GONI BUKAR IBRAHIM Candidate from MMN has 133 received votes

18 MOHAMMAD BUKAR Candidate from NCMP has 150 received votes

19 GREMA LAWAN Candidate from NDLP has 167 received votes

20 BUKAR TAHIRU Candidate from NEPP has 855 received votes

21 ADAMU ALI MALE Candidate from NPM has 118 received votes

22 MUSTAPHA UMAR MUSTAFA Candidate from NRM has 143 received votes

23 MOHAMMED ALKALI IMAM Candidate from PDP has 66,115 received votes

24 BABAGANA MUSA K Candidate from PPA has 281 received votes

25 UMAR MUSTAPHA Candidate from PPN has 375 received votes

26 ABBA MODU Candidate from SDP has 10,776 received votes

27 IBRAHIM TALBA Candidate from SNC has 63 received votes

28 BUKAR GARBA Candidate from UPC has 133 received votes

29 USMAN BABA Candidate from UPN has 56 received votes

30 ALH. BAKO ALI BARMA Candidate from UPP has 59 received votes

31 BABAGANA MOHAMMED Candidate from YES has 104 received votes

32 CAPTAIN IBRAHIM KADIFIR MSHELIA Candidate from ZLP has 4,422 received votes

2023 Borno state governorship election

In 2023 BORNO State Babagana Umaru Zulum was re elected won with the total number of 545,543 votes from APC Party

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