GLO new Ussd codes

GLO new Ussd codes

In this article I will like to explain the GLO new ussd codes for GLO network

You will Also know List of new Glo USSD Codes to check account balance, borrow and buy data/airtime & share data

GLO new Ussd codes

Do you want to learn how to top up your Glo data or airtime from your bank account with new ussd code,check Data and Airtime Balance,Migrate to Friends & Family buy data and many more services using the new ussd codes

The services rendered by the GLO Customer Care is second to none because Customers can perform seamless service such as check their phone numbers using several methods and transfer airtime and data on GLO

All List new Glo ussd code

To contact GLO Customer care

To contact Glo customer care  on Toll Free Number when you are on prepaid lines on Glo  just call 300 instead of 121

How To Check Glo Data Balance

To check your Glo data volume or data usage, just dial *312*0# instead of *127*0# Or text “info” to 312 through your glo network

How to check Airtime balance

To view your Airtime from Gloworld   or check  phone balance  enquiry, just dial *310# instead of #124*1#

Check Voice message length

To view your Glo call length dial *312*1# instead of #124*1# and follow the prompt message

How to transfer or Share Glo data

can I transfer data in GLO service with new ussd codes You can share or transfer Glo data with your family and friends by following the step(s) below: Dial *321#and follow the process instead of Dialing *127*00*[friend’s number]# or Send “Share [friend’s number]” to 127.

How to share Glo Airtime

With Glo EasyShare you can share or transfer your call credit/Airtime with family and friends. To Transfer call Credit or Airtime from glo to another glo line with new ussd codes Simply dial *312*receiver phone number *amount you want to transfer*your transfer pin then or you can dial *312# and follow the process

For example, if your password is 12345 and you want to transfer N100 to a customer with Phone Number 08155500423, then you dial *312*08155500423*100*12345#.

How to Create Glo share or transfer PIN

you can create GLO transfer pin if you don’t have To create your Glo data or Airtime transfer or share pin. follow the steps below:

You Glo default transfer pin is 00000 and to change this default PIN, dial *132*00000*[New PIN]*[New PIN]#

:Example: Let assume your new glo share /transfer PIN is 3939, then dial *312*00000*12345*3939*. This USSD command will immediately reset your Glo transfer PIN

How to Check SMS balance

To view or check your Glo SMS balance , dial  *311*1# once done you will see  your remaing sms balance.

How to borrow airtime from GLO

you can borrow airtime/credit on GLO To borrow call credit or Airtime from Glo now and pay later as prepaid subscribers kindly dial *303# or for a specific denominations dial

*303*amount you want to borrow then #

How to borrow data from GLO

To borrow data from Glo telecom, just dial *303# and follow the prompt message . this service ensure you run out of data from your Glo line borrow data bundles when you are exhausted and pay back on your next recharge.

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How to Borrow Airtime and Data for Friends and Family

You can now borrow Data and Airtime for your family and friends via Glo “Borrow For Others” on the Borrow – Me Credit service by dialing *303#

To borrow Glo Airtime for your love once dial any

*303*1*25# for N25

*303*1*50# for N50,

*303*1*100# for N100,

*303*1*200# for N200,

and many more

To borrow Data for family and friend dial any

you will select the preference amount by simple dial*303*2*amount then #


*303*2*50# for 35MB,

*303*2*100# for 95,

Code to Recharge GLO card

To recharge GLO card on your line, dial *311*PIN# then send. Your GLO line will be recharged with the value amount.

How to Migrate to glo Friends & Family

To migrate to Glo family and friend dial *100*9*1# or *100*9*2#) and you can you can add up to 10 numbers to your Family and Friends list either Glo GBam & Glo Infinito

How to add 10 frequently called family and friends

To Add 10 frequently called family and friends number to your  Glo line  Dial *101*1*Mobile No#.

Example:Let assume you want to add 07059253276 to your family and friend list just dial *101*1*07059253276#.

How to buy Glo Data

You can subscribe or buy data from various  Glo data Plans of your choice  by dialing *312#  or any Gloworld method for data bundle subscription channels:

USSD: *313# and follow the prompt message to buy data SMS menu keyword to 312

How to Check your Glo mobile number

To view or check your Glo number when you can’t remember  just Dial *135*8# and your number display on your screen Or  dial 1244 to listen to it.

Glo data Gifting

You can gift data to a loved one today from Gloworld because everyone loves to receive gifts. To gift Glo data : Dial *312# and follow the menu options to gift a subscription. or Send “Gift [friend’s number]” to 312.

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