Kano state governors from 1999 to date

In this post I will like to explain Kano state governors from 1999 to date

At the end of this post you will know the total elected Kano state governors from 1999 to date

KANO state governors from 1999 to date

1999 Kano state governorship election

In 1999 Kano state Rabiu Kwankwaso was the elected governor candidate from people democratic party PDP

2003 Kano state governorship election

In 2003 Kano state governorship election there are 7 contested candidates that participated in the election

In 2003 Kano state Alh. Ibrahim Shekarau Elected governor from All Nigeria people party ANPP

1 Alh. Ibrahim Shekarau and his running mate Abdullahi Magaji Adamu Candidate from ANPP has 822,342 received votes

2 Kabiru Atiku Kofar and his running mate Garba Tafida Nasidi Candidate from APGA has 7,934 received votes

3 Dr. Rufai Umar Madaki and his running mate Ibrahim Dahiru Candidate from NDP has 1,289 received votes

4 Dr. Rufai Umar Madaki and his running mate Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje Candidate from PDP has 642,038 received votes

5 Amin Ibrahim Ali and his running mate Tofa Umar Othman Candidate from PRP has 53,676 received votes

6 Umar Yakubu Dan Hassan and his running mate Alh. Salisu Shehu Kudiwa and his running mate PSP and his running mate 117,161 received votes

7 Muhammed Nasiru Muhtar and his running mate Muhammed Sani Halliru Dambata Candidate from UNPP has 2,363 received votes

2007 Kano state governorship election

In 2007 Kano state Ibrahim Shekarau was re-elected as governor candidate from All Nigeria progressive Party ANPP


2011 Kano state governorship election

In 2011 Kano state governorship election there are 14 contested candidates that participated in the election

Rabiu Kwankwaso was also re-elected as governor Candidate from people democratic party PDP

MOHAMMED RABIU M.K. Candidate from PDP has 1,108,345 received votes

SALIHU M SAGIR Candidate from ANPP has 1,048,317 received votes

MOHAMMED SANI ABACHA Candidate from CPC has 175,143 received votes

ABDULLAHI TIJJANI Candidate from ACN has 54,015 received votes

ADO HASSAN ASHAFALALAH Candidate from PAC has 8,582 received votes

HAJIYA J. MUSA S. YAKASAI Candidate from APN has 3,568 received votes

GARBA IBRAHIM YAKASSI Candidate from CDC has 2,819 received votes

ISAMAILA ZUBAIRU AHMAD Candidate from APGA has 2,484 received votes

ALH. ALIKO MOHAMMED Candidate from ALP has 2,458 received votes

AUWALO MOHAMMED Candidate from APS has 1,059 received votes

MUSTAPHA BADAMASI Candidate from CPP has 958 received votes

SALISU ADAMU GINGIYU Candidate from NTP has 787 received votes

ISA USMAN MAKAMA Candidate from NCP has 657 received votes

NASIRU ZAKARIA NAABAH Candidate from MPPP has 500 received votes

2015 Kano state governorship election

In 2015 KANO state Umar Ganduje was the elected governor candidate from All progressive congress APC

2019 Kano state governorship election

In 2019 Kano State Abdullahi Umar Ganduje was re-elected as governor and his running mate Hafiz Abubakar Candidate from APC

1 JAMILU ABBAS Candidate from A has 136 received votes

2 IDRIS ALIYU ZAKIRAI Candidate from AA has 398 received votes

3 BALARABE BELLO Candidate from ABP has 57 received votes

4 BELLO AHMED ALHAJI and his running mate ACD and his running mate 168 received votes

5 HAJIYA HALIMA A. AHMAD Candidate from AD has 617 received votes

6 MOHAMMED MUBARAK SALIUSU Candidate from ADC has 394 received votes

7 AHMED TIJANI AUWALU and his running mate AGA and his running mate 289 received votes

8 UMAR TIJJANI TSAKUWA Candidate from AGAP has 102 received votes

9 DAHIRU IDRIS TAMBURAWA and his running mate ANDP and his running mate 202 received votes

10 YUSUF JIBRIN OYOYO and his running mate ANP and his running mate 266 received votes

11 MUHAMMAD IBRAHIAPA and his running mate 1,995 received votes

12 GANDUJE ABDULLAHI UMAR Candidate from APC has 1,033,695 received votes

13 ABACHA MOHAMMAD SANI Candidate from APDA has 3,025 received votes

14 FAROUK BASHIR BABA Candidate from APM has 166 received votes

15 HARUNA DANYARO GAYA Candidate from APP has 105 received votes

16 ILIYASU ABDU Candidate from BNPP has 62 received votes

17 UMMA IBRAHIM ADHAMA Candidate from CAP has 47 received votes

18 HAMZA ADAMU NUHU Candidate from DA has 49 received votes

19 ABDULLAHI RAKAYYA M Candidate from DPC has 69 received votes

20 YAHAYA MUHD KYABO Candidate from FJP has 86 received votes

21 FURERA AHMAD YAKUBU and his running mate FRESH and his running mate 34 received votes

22 ALMAD HALLIRU SAWABA Candidate from GDPN has 288 received votes

23 ABDULSALAM SALEH ABDULKARIM Candidate from GPN has 972 received votes

24 USMAN G. NASIRU Candidate from HDP has 5,662 received votes

25 MUHAMMAD AHMAD Candidate from ID has 292 received votes

26 GALI AUWALU SULE Candidate from JMPP has 127 received votes

27 HAMISU ABDULSALAM MAGAJI Candidate from KP has 105 received votes

28 MUHAMMED ABDULLAHI RAJI Candidate from LP has 721 received votes

29 MUHAMMED NASIR MUHTAR and his running mate LPN and his running mate 325 received votes

30 MUNNIR ZANGO Candidate from MMN has 118 received votes

31 LAWAN MUSA ABDULLAHI Candidate from MPN has 665 received votes

32 YUSUF AMINA GARBA Candidate from NAC has 165 received votes

33 ABDULLAHI JAMILU SALEH Candidate from NCP has 87 received votes

34 CHEDI YASIR AHMED Candidate from NDLP has 117 received votes

35 MUSA MARYAM Candidate from NEPP has 84 received votes

36 INUSA ZAKARI GAYA Candidate from NFD has 47 received votes

37 MUSTAPHA BALA GETSO Candidate from NPM has 507 received votes

38 MUHAMMED NURA SHEHU Candidate from NRM has 63 received votes

39 SAFIYYN SALISU ABDUL and his running mate NUP and his running mate 166 received votes

40 ALI SALE YAHAYA ABDULHAMID and his running mate PCP and his running mate 2,187 received votes

41 ABUBAKAR TANKO M.S Candidate from PDC has 2,297 received votes

42 ABBA KABIR YUSUF Candidate from PDP has 1,024,713 received votes

43 ADO HARUNA MUHAMMED Candidate from PPA has 1,575 received votes

44 ABUBAKAR SADIQ UMAR and his running mate PPC and his running mate 714 received votes

45 ABDULRAZAK AHMED BAGAZAWA Candidate from PPN has 574 received votes

46 SALISU MUHAMMAD SAGIR Candidate from PRP has 104,066 received votes

47 ISA DANLADI FATIMA Candidate from RP has 653 received votes

48 BELLO ADO HUSSAINI Candidate from SDP has 335 received votes

49 IBRAHIM AHMED UMAR Candidate from SNC has 1,183 received votes

50 NAFIYA MUSA SAIDU Candidate from SNP has 173 received votes

51 IBRAHIM BALARABE MOHAMMED GAYA Candidate from UPC has 108 received votes

52 ABDULHAMID ABDULHAMID K. Candidate from UPN has 60 received votes

53 MAIMUNA MUHAMMED Candidate from UPP has 63 received votes

54 IBRAHIM SADAUKI KABARA candidate from YPP has 291 received votes

55 ABUBAKAR ISHAQ YAHAYA Candidate from ZLP has 62 received votes

2023 Kano state governorship election

In 2023 KANO state Abba Kabir Yusuf was declared the winner with the total number of 1,019,602 votes Candidate from NNPP

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