Kebbi state governors from 1999 to date

In this post I will like to explain kebbi state governors from 1999 to date

At the end of this post you will know the total elected kebbi state governors from 1999 to date

Kebbi state governors from 1999 to date

1999 kebbi state governorship election

In 1999 Kebbi state governorship election Adamu Aliero was the elected governor candidate from APP

2003 kebbi state governorship election

In 2003 Kebbi state Adamu Aliero was re-elected as governor candidate from All Nigeria people party ANPP

1 Alhaji Muhammed A. and his running mate Alhaji Suleman Moh’d Argungu Candidate from ANPP has 502,903 received votes

2 Dr. Wali Ahmed and his running mate Abubakar Umar Candidate from NDP has 252 received votes

3 Dr. Saidu S.R. Sambawa and his running mate Alhaji Sidi Bawa Candidate from PDP has 299,120 received votes

4 Turaki Kabiru Taminu (SAN) and his running mate Bala Idris (Col. Rtd) Candidate from UNPP has 234 received votes

2007 kebbi state governorship election

In 2007 Kebbi state governorship election Usman Saidu Nasamu Dakingari was the elected governor candidate from people democratic party PDP


2011 Kebbi state governorship election

In 2011 kebbi state governorship election there are 15 contested candidates that participated in the election

Usman Saidu Nasamu Dakingari was re-elected as governor Candidate from people democratic party PDP

SAIDU USMAN NASAALU Candidate from PDP has 559,424 received votes

MALLAM ABUBAKAR ABUBAKAR Candidate from CPC has 362,482 received votes

KABIRU TANIMU TURAKI Candidate from ACN has 67,710 received votes

MOHAMMED NASIRU MAGAJI Candidate from NTP has 2,849 received votes

ALH. SULAIMAN MUHAMMAD ARGUNGU Candidate from ANPP has 1,801 received votes

ALHAJI ABUBAKAR UMARU Candidate from PPA has 1,574 received votes

MALAMI UMARU BIRNIN KEBBI Candidate from APGA has 1,217 received votes

ALH. SANI ABUBAKAR Candidate from CPP has 1,168 received votes

ALH. MOHAMMED NURA Candidate from PPP has 552 received votes

ATTARI SANI Candidate from AD has 454 received votes

ALH. LAWAN MOAD Candidate from ALP has 428 received votes

MUHAMMED DANBARE Candidate from LP has 378 received votes

USMAN GARBA and his running mate NSDP and his running mate 378 received votes

SAHABI ATIKU candidate from NNPP has 361 received votes

HAJIA HAUWAU MOHAMMED Candidate from ADC has 325 received votes

2015 kebbi state governorship election

In 2015 KEBBI state governorship election Atiku Bagudu candidate form All Progressives Congress APC

Abubakar Atiku Bagudu and his running mate Samaila Yombe Dabai Candidate from APC

1 ABDULLAHI MOHD SANI Candidate from A has 71 received votes

2 ZAKI BILYAMINU D. Candidate from AA has 54 received votes

3 ABUBAKAR ALKALI KASIMU and his running mate ACD and his running mate 142 received votes

4 ISA UMAR Candidate from ACPN has 105 received votes

5 KAMILU MUSA Candidate from AD has 95 received votes

6 YAKUBU MAGASI ALLU Candidate from ADC has 251 received votes

7 MUSTAPHA HASSAN YAURI and his running mate ANRP and his running mate 174 received votes

8 SHARIA MAIDAWA and his running mate APA and his running mate 1,135 received votes

9 ABUBAKAR ATIKU BAGUDU Candidate from APC has 683,717 received votes

10 SAIDU AHMED Candidate from APGA has 857 received votes

11 IBRAHIM MUHAMMED G Candidate from CAP has 90 received votes

12 YAHAYA UMAR KARDI Candidate from DA has 138 received votes

13 ADAMU ABUBAKAR Candidate from DPC has 123 received votes

14 MUHAMMED ASIYA KANYA Candidate from DDP has 198 received votes

15 ABDULLAHI SHUABU SABONKUDI and his running mate FRESH and his running mate 59 received votes

16 ABUBAKAR MOHD KOLA Candidate from GPN has 41 received votes

17 GARBA KABIRU Candidate from HDP has 57 received votes

18 ABUBAKAR USMAN Candidate from JMPP has 64 received votes

19 SAHABI UMAR BK Candidate from KP has 99 received votes

20 IBRAHIM ALKALI Candidate from MAJA has 123 received votes

21 BIYAMINU GARBA Candidate from MPN has 150 received votes

22 USMAN ALIYU KAOJE Candidate from NCP has 160 received votes

23 NASIRU UMAR GWANDU and his running mate PD306 received votes

24 ISA MOHAMMED GALAUDU Candidate from PDP has 106,633 received votes

25 MUKTAR HARUNA Candidate from PPA has 695 received votes

26 HASSAN BANDI Candidate from PPN has 222 received votes

27 KABIRU UMAR Candidate from RP has 85 received votes

28 NASIRU MUHAMMAD KAOJE Candidate from SDP has 7,444 received votes

29 ABDULRASHEED DAUDA Candidate from SNP has 83 received votes

30 GARBA USMAN and his running mate YDP and his running mate 20 received votes

31 MUHAMMED SANI LANI candidate from YPP has 45 received votes

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