KWARA state governors from 1999 to date

In this post I will like to explain Kwara state governors from 1999 to date

At the end of this post you will know the total elected Kwara state governors from 1999 to date

Kwara state governors from 1999 to date

1999 Kwara State governorship election

In 1999 Kwara State Muhammed Lawal was the elected governor candidate from APP

2003 Kwara State governorship election

In 2003 KWARA state governorship election there are 8 contested candidates that participated in the election

Dr. Bukola Saraki Elected governor from people democratic party PDP

1 Alhaji Lai Mohammed and his running mate Zhiri D. Jonathan Candidate from AD has 64,464 received votes

2 Alhaji Mohammed Lawal and his running mate Chief Deacon Simeon A.S. Candidate from ANPP has 199,855 received votes

3 Dr. Abubakar A. Ishola and his running mate Alhaji Isa Mohammed Candidate from APGA has 2,335 received votes

4 Samuel O.A and his running mate Omotosho Ramoni Candidate from DA has 178 received votes

5 Samuel Tayo Sunday and his running mate Abegunde James Oludele Candidate from NCP has 169 received votes

6 Gbenga Olawepo and his running mate Alhaji Isa Ayogi Candidate from NDP has 265 received votes

7 Dr. Bukola Saraki and his running mate Joen Afolabi Ogundeji Candidate from PDP has 322,242 received votes

8 Mohammed Nurudeen and his running mate A. A. Agboola Candidate from UNPP has 432 received votes

2007 Kwara State governorship election

In 2007 Kwara State Bukola Saraki was re-elected as governor candidate from people democratic party PDP


2011 KWARA state governorship election

In 2011 KWARA state governorship election there are 15 contested candidates that participated in the election

Abdulfatah Ahmed was the elected governor Candidate from PDP

ALH. ABDULFATAI AHMED Candidate from PDP has 254,969 received votes

BELGORE MOHAMMED DELE Candidate from ACN has 152,580 received votes

SEN. GBEMISOLA RUQAYYAH SARAKI Candidate from ACPN has 72,456 received votes

ABDULRAHMAN ABDULRAZAQ Candidate from CPC has 10,042 received votes

GBENGA TOYOSI OLAWEPO Candidate from ACN has 5,640 received votes

BOLAJI KHALEEL Candidate from ANPP has 1,958 received votes

ADEYEMO AGBOOLA A. Candidate from NTP has 1,682 received votes

TIAMIYU KOLAPO KAMORU-DEEN and his running mate RPN and his running mate 1,284 received votes

SULAYMON LAWAL OBA Candidate from ALP has 822 received votes

BALA MAHMUD MOHAMMED LADE and his running mate APGL and his running mate 729 received votes

ABDULAZEEZ A. RASAQ and his running mate LDPN and his running mate 611 received votes

HON. BAMIDELE OLAITAN OMOTOSHO and his running mate ARP and his running mate 475 received votes

MARUFU B.O. SHITTU Candidate from UNPP has 304 received votes

ANAFI RASAQ OLARENWAJU Candidate from APS has 290 received votes

AKANDE OLUSOLA S. Candidate from NCP has 260 received votes


2015 Kwara State governorship election

In 2015 KWARA state AbdulFatah Ahmed was Re-Elected as governor candidate from All progressive congress APC

2019 Kwara State governorship election

In 2019 Kwara State AbdulRahman AbdulRasaq was the elected governor and his running mate Kayode Alibi Candidate from APC

1 AYORINDE O. ADEDOYIN Candidate from A has 860 received votes

2 ADISA ISMAIL ABAYOMI Candidate from AA has 378 received votes

3 AINA AYODEJI ADETUNJI Candidate from ABP has 83 received votes

4 TUNDE MURITALA O. Candidate from ACPN has 272 received votes

5 MANZUMA ISSA Candidate from ADC has 391 received votes

6 ONIYE SHINA HAMMED Candidate from ADP has 179 received votes

7 MOHAMMAD LIMAN ABDULLAHI and his running mate ANP and his running mate 134 received votes

8 ABDULMUMIN YINKA AJIA and his running mate ANRP and his running mate 115 received votes

9 SHARAFADEEN A. KOLAWOLE ADEREMMY and his running mate APA and his running mate 1,163 received votes

10 ABDULRAHAM ABBULRAZAQ Candidate from APC has 331,546 received votes

11 MOHAMMED ABUBAKAR MOHAMMED Candidate from APN has 293 received votes

12 BABATUNDE OMOTOSHO TAYO Candidate from BNPP has 34 received votes

13 ADEKUNLE KEHINDE Candidate from CAP has 40 received votes

14 ABDULLAHI MOHAMMED Candidate from DA has 28 received votes

15 OMOTOSHO BAMIDELE OLAITAN Candidate from GPN has 21 received votes

16 BELGORE AHMAD KAWU Candidate from JMPP has 105 received votes

17 ALABI MORANKINYO Candidate from KP has 48 received votes

18 ISSA AREMU OBALOWU Candidate from LP has 45 received votes

19 YAHAYA KALE SAADU Candidate from MAJA has 57 received votes

20 RUKAYAT TOYIN TIJANI Candidate from MPN has 53 received votes

21 IBRAHIM ADBULLAHI ANIFOWOSHE Candidate from MRDD has 86 received votes

22 AYINLA JOHN OLORUNTOBA Candidate from NCP has 74 received votes

23 TOSHO BABATUNDE OMOTOSHO A. Candidate from NEPP has 108 received votes

24 ABDULAZEEZ YINKA ONIYANGI Candidate from NPM has 147 received votes

25 POPOOLA KEHINDE ADEYEMI Candidate from NRM has 74 received votes

26 ARANSIOLA EZEKIEL Candidate from PDC has 432 received votes

27 RAZAK ATUNWA Candidate from PDP has 114,754 received votes

28 TIAMIYU KOLAPO KAMORU- DEEN Candidate from PPA has 1,482 received votes

29 PAUL AJIROBA Candidate from PPN has 67 received votes

30 OLAJIDE JOSEPH ADEBOLA Candidate from SDP has 209 received votes

31 OYABAMBI ADETUNJI and his running mate UDP and his running mate 40 received votes

32 SOLADOYE SAMUEL SUNDAY Candidate from UPN has 61 received votes

33 COMFORT YINKA KAYODE Candidate from UPP has 24 received votes

34 OSHIN BAYO DAVID ALABA and his running mate WTPN and his running mate 15 received votes

35 BADA ABULLAHI YEKINI and his running mate YDP and his running mate 14 received votes

2023 Kwara State governorship election

In 2023 Kwara State Abdulrazaq Abdulrahman was re-elected won with the total number of 273,424 votes APC

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