Nigeria ministry of transportation

In this article I will like to explain who are the Nigeria ministry of transportation and their functions

Nigeria Ministry of transportation

Ministry of Transportation is a branch of the federal government of Nigeria responsible for watching the movement of people and goods across the country.

Responsibilities of the ministry

Federal Ministry of Transportation is to ensure fast, safe, efficient, affordable, convenient, integrated, and inter-modal transport system that facilitates Nigeria’s socio-economic developmental needs and enhances the quality of life of the public.

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Duties of ministry

The duty of the ministry is to build a secure world-class transportation system.

Aim of the ministry

To provide a safe, secure, efficient, affordable and seamless inter-modal transport system that is self-sustaining and pivotal to the socio-economic growth in line with global best practice.

Functions of the ministry

Safe and Secure Transportation

Drive Economic Development

Facilitate Connectivity (Intermodal and Multimodal)

Develop Local Capacity (Professionalism)

Ensure Sustainability

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