Sokoto state governors from 1999 to date

In this post I will like to explain Sokoto state governors from 1999 to date

At the end of this post you will know the total elected sokoto state governors from 1999 to date

Sokoto state governors from 1999 to date

1999 sokoto state governorship election

In 1999 Sokoto state Atahiru Bafarwa was the elected governor candidate from APP

2003 sokoto state governorship election

In 2003 sokoto state governorship election there are 6 contested candidates that participated in the election Atahiru Bafarwa was re-elected asĀ  governor from All Nigeria people party ANPP

1 Alh. Garba Aliyu Dogondaji and his running mate Umar Farouk Mohammed Candidate from AD has 5,764 received votes

2 Alh. Attahiru D. Bafarawa and his running mate Alh. Aliyu M. Wamako Candidate from ANPP has 665,545 received votes

3 Bello Isiyaka K and his running mate Alh. Dahatu Ermi Candidate from APGA has 8,515 received votes

4 Inuwa Abdulkadir and his running mate Jelani Maiturare Dogondaji Candidate from NDP has 332 received votes

5 Sen. Abdullah Wali and his running mate Umar Abubakar Gada Candidate from PDP has 245,047 received votes

6 Alh. Tambari Ahmed and his running mate Zakiru Kabiru Salihu Candidate from UNPP has 508 received votes

2007 sokoto state governorship election

In 2007 sokoto state governorship election Aminu Tambuwal was the elected governor candidate from All progressive congress APC

2011 sokoto state governorship election

In 2011 Sokoto state governorship election Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko candidate form people democratic party PDP

2015 sokoto state governorship election

In 2015 SOKOTO state Aminu Tambuwal was re-elected as governor candidate from All progressive congress APC

2019 sokoto state governorship election

In 2019 Sokoto State Aminu Waziri Tambuwal and his running mate Ahmad Aliyu Candidate from PDP

1 HASSAN BELLO Candidate from A has 61 received votes

2 ABUBAKAR BELLO Candidate from AA has 45 received votes

3 LAWAL ABUBAKAR Candidate from AAP has 220 received votes

4 JAMILU ADAMU Candidate from ABP has 118 received votes

5 RIGOH AHMED Candidate from ACPN has 143 received votes

6 ALH. SULAIMAN ALIYI Candidate from AD has 124 received votes

7 ABDULLAHI MALAMI SHEHU Candidate from ADC has 174 received votes

8 BELLO A. ABUBAKAR and his running mate AGA and his running mate 176 received votes

9 BASHIRU YUSUF Candidate from AGAP has 94 received votes

10 ABUBAKAR AHMED and his running mate ANDP and his running mate 158 received votes

11 AHMAD AHMAD JA’O and his running mate APA and his running mate 1,344 received votes

12 AHMED ALIYU SOKOTO Candidate from APC has 511,660 received votes

13 GATAWA BASHIRU IBRAHIM Candidate from APDA has 936 received votes

14 WADATA BELLO Candidate from APGA has 170 received votes

15 ISIYAKU BELLO Candidate from BNPP has 58 received votes

16 ALIYU NAMAKKA Candidate from DA has 30 received votes

17 NASIRU CHIKA HAIDARA Candidate from DPC has 60 received votes

18 MUHAMMAD JAMILU IMAM Candidate from DPP has 294 received votes

19 MUHAMMED ABUBAKAR Candidate from GDPN has 139 received votes

20 BASHAR MUHAMMED ASSADA Candidate from GPN has 121 received votes

21 IBRAHIM BABAJO AHMED Candidate from ID has 110 received votes

22 ABUBAKAR YARO Candidate from JMPP has 1,501 received votes

23 ALIYU SA’IDU Candidate from KP has 152 received votes

24 MANWUJA ALIYU HUSSANI Candidate from LP has 96 received votes

25 ALYASUF GARBA INNUWA and his running mate MM117 received votes

26 MUJITTABA AMINU Candidate from MPN has 121 received votes

27 KABIRU ALHAJI MUHAMMAD Candidate from MRDD has 196 received votes

28 UMAR BELLO Candidate from NAC has 117 received votes

29 SADIQ MUHAMMAD HARUNA Candidate from NCMP has 265 received votes

30 ABBA SIDI AHMAD Candidate from NCP has 64 received votes

31 MALAMI SHIITU Candidate from NDLP has 143 received votes

32 ALIYU MUSA NAYABA Candidate from NEPP has 48 received votes

33 IBRAHIM YAHAYA ALKAMMAWA candidate from NNPP has 30 received votes

34 MUHAMMAD YAHAYA Candidate from NCP has 77 received votes

35 DALHATU ALHAJI ALHAJI Candidate from NRM has 94 received votes

36 UMAR FAROUK MOHAMMED and his running mate NUP and his running mate 104 received votes

37 NISIRU ALIYU and his running mate PCP and his running mate 949 received votes

38 IBRAHIM BELLO BODINGA Candidate from PDC has 945 received votes

39 TAMBUWAL AMINU WAZIRI Candidate from PDP has 512,002 received votes

40 ALAMATU ISAH ABDULLAHI and his running mate PPC and his running mate 1,405 received votes

41 NASIRU SARKI LARABAWA Candidate from PPN has 172 received votes

42 ABUBAKAR SADIQ MOH’D Candidate from SDP has 342 received votes

43 MURTALA SHEHU Candidate from SNC has 166 received votes

44 IBRAHIM BELLO Candidate from SNP has 195 received votes

45 MURTALA KANE and his running mate UDP and his running mate 127 received votes

46 MALAMI GARBA Candidate from UPN has 399 received votes

47 LAWAL HALIRU Candidate from UPP has 89 received votes

48 NASIRU ALIYU and his running mate WTPN and his running mate 63 received votes

49 ZAYYANU ALIYU MALE and his running mate YDP and his running mate 16 received votes

50 NASIRU DAHIRU candidate from YPP has 46 received votes

51 SHEHU MAHADI MAINYO and his running mate and his running mate 50 received votes

2023 Sokoto state governorship election

In 2023 Sokoto state Ahmed Aliyu Sokoto won with the total number of 453,661 votes

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