Rivers state governors from 1999 to date

In this post I will like to explain Rivers state governors from 1999 to date

At the end of this post you will know the total elected Rivers state governors from 1999 to date

Rivers state governors from 1999 to date

1999 Rivers state governorship election

In 1999 Rivers state Peter Odili was the elected governor candidate from people democratic party PDP

2003 Rivers state governorship election

In 2003 Rivers state governorship election 14 contested candidates that participated in the election

Peter Odili was re-elected as governor candidate from people democratic party PDP

1 Chief Emano Kamanu Kpagane and his running mate Eng. Pepito Princewill Candidate from AD has 7,937 received votes

2 Awuse Sergent Chidi and his running mate Harry M. Ipalibo Candidate from ANPP has 33,815 received votes

3 Hanson Elkana and his running mate Ekwu Innocent Uche Candidate from APGA has 2,360 received votes

4 Bekee Ugo and his running mate Thom-manuel Nimi Kanine and his running mate APLP and his running mate 46 received votes

5 Urang Samuel Innocent Uche and his running mate Elijah Mark Emmanuel Immayah Candidate from JP has 339 received votes

6 Soberekon Bekinbo Alalibo and his running mate Orage Tom Jackson and his running mate LDPN and his running mate 1,363 received votes

7 Cyprian Chukwu and his running mate E.T. Owo Mbaba Candidate from mdj has 1,323 received votes

8 Engr. Odoyi R. Ikendu and his running mate Mrs. Cockey Dawuta Candidate from NAC has 11 received votes

9 Deacon Akuko Parker and his running mate Elder Nubel J. Aagbara Candidate from NAP has 313 received votes

10 Somiari Derego and his running mate Nwidobee Siasor Godpower Candidate from NCP has 538 received votes

11 Lulu-briggs Dumo Owukori and his running mate Namane Ledee Loolo Candidate from NDP has 755 received votes

12 Chukwu Vincent Ebere OrugeOdoya Allen Lessman candidate from NNPP has 18 received votes

13 Odili Peter Otunuya and his running mate Gabriel Toby Candidate from PDP has 2,048,422 received votes

14 Hon. Charlie Ezihuo O. Beke and his running mate Engr. Iboroma Awobite Candidate from UNPP has 7,849 received votes

2007 Rivers state governorship election

In 2007 Rivers state Celestine Omehia was the elected governor from People Democratic Party PDP Election annulled in October 2007 as not being the legitimate PDP candidate and Later Rotimi Amaechi was the elected governor from People Democratic Party PDP on October 2007 Declared governor after Celestine Omehia election was nullified

2011 Rivers state governorship election

In 2011 Rivers state governorship election there are 29 contested candidates that participated in the election

Rotimi Amaechi was re-elected as governor Candidate from people democratic party PDP

CHIBUIKE ROTIMI AMAECHI Candidate from PDP has 1,178,529 received votes

CELESTINE NGOZICHIM OMEHIA Candidate from APGA has 112,528 received votes

DR. ABIYE S.P. SEKIBO Candidate from ACN has 60,240 received votes

ITEKENA MICHAEL ABEL TARIAH Candidate from ANPP has 3,912 received votes

GOODLUCK LEDUN DUGBO Candidate from HDP has 3,893 received votes

BRAIDE OROKOMIEBIA Candidate from LP has 2,250 received votes

OTONYE BRIGGS Candidate from CPC has 1,900 received votes

VINCENT C. ORGWU Candidate from ACPN has 1,485 received votes

DEACON PARKER A. Candidate from UNPP has 1,237 received votes

CHIEF SOBEREKON B. ALAUBO Candidate from A has 1,216 received votes

ELDER LOT YOUNG LUKE Candidate from NTP has 1,191 received votes

BARR. KEMKA STANLEY ELENMO and his running mate PMP and his running mate 839 received votes

REV. NDUBUISI ODOTA and his running mate ARP and his running mate 712 received votes

NWIBEKI FRED NWAINE W. Candidate from CAP has 399 received votes

ABIEATEDOGHU BOB-ABBEY Candidate from MRDD has 343 received votes

SUNDAY NGOZI OSIAGO Candidate from JP has 330 received votes

NELSON DOUGLAS Candidate from PPA has 311 received votes

HON.ROBERTS GO-OBA Candidate from PRP has 299 received votes

UCHECHUKWU ICHENWO Candidate from AD has 240 received votes

DAVID GODWIN CHINWEDUNNPP and his running mate 233 received votes

ESEMO CHIMA AGUDE Candidate from NMDP has 255 received votes

SIR DAVE BANIGO Candidate from ALP has 199 received votes

WORLU ENWUZURUIKE JOSHUA Candidate from SDMP has 192 received votes

VICTORIOUS P. S. HARTY and his running mate RPL and his running mate 177 received votes

CHIEF DR. CLEMENT EKE (JP) Candidate from mdj has 168 received votes

ENGR. JUSTUS CYRUS GREEN Candidate from CPP has 151 received votes

ELDER SAMUEL OWUPELE IBIAMA and his running mate DFP144 received votes

DR. HARRY GOLLIS O.TIMOTHY and his running mate NSDP and his running mate 143 received votes

TAMUNO ROBERTS Candidate from ADC has 10 received votes

2015 Rivers state governorship election

In 2015 RIVERS state governorship election Nyesom Wike was the elected governor candidate from people democratic party PDP

2019 Rivers state governorship election

In 2019 Rivers State Ezenwo Nyesom Wike was re-elected and his running mate Ipalibo Banigo Candidate from PDP

1 LULU-BRIGGS DUMO OWUKORI Candidate from A has 13,33 received votes

2 ALLISON LARRY TAMUNO TONYE Candidate from AA has 2,314 received votes

3 AWARA BIOKPOMABO FESTUS Candidate from AAC has 173,853 received votes

4 WOKEKORO DIKE Candidate from AAP has 1,004 received votes

5 PRINCE KALLADA ALISON Candidate from ABP has 156 received votes

6 ECHEZOLAM NWEKE and his running mate ACD and his running mate 1,166 received votes

7 CHINEMIKE ORGWU MILLER Candidate from ACPN has 554 received votes

8 ICHENWO UCHECHUKWU Candidate from AD has 314 received votes

9 BRAIDE ENIYEM Candidate from ADC has 2,409 received votes

10 VICTOR TAMIE FINGESI Candidate from ADP has 1,860 received votes

11 INYE DOKUBO O. and his running mate AGPA and his running mate 364 received votes

12 KEMKA STANLEY ELENWO and his running mate ANDP and his running mate 175 received votes

13 CORNELIUS NGEDO and his running mate AMP and his running mate 84 received votes

14 NAPOLEON MARU CHIBUZOR and his running mate APA and his running mate 146 received votes

15 ZEBULUN WARIGBANI EZEKIEL Candidate from APDA has 158 received votes

16 OHIA PRINCE OBI Candidate from APGA has 429 received votes

17 DEEKAE RICHARD KIADUM Candidate from ASD has 225 received votes

18 BROWN REBECCA Candidate from BNPP has 128 received votes

19 KUKAWG BARINE KEN Candidate from APM has 158 received votes

20 LESSI GABRIEL GBOROGBOSI Candidate from APP has 429 received votes

21 EMESIOBI ELVIS MOSES Candidate from CAP has 83 received votes

22 NWANZE OGBOGU MICHAEL and his running mate CC and his running mate 113 received votes

23 YELLOWE IPALIBO HORATIO and his running mate CPN and his running mate 319 received votes

24 OBRASUA JOHNBULL Candidate from DA has 79 received votes

25 ACHIRA UKACHUKWU U. Candidate from DPC has 452 received votes

26 EMMANUEL NWABRIJE Candidate from DPP has 231 received votes

27 CHUKWULADI AHIAKWO Candidate from FJP has 164 received votes

28 ALASO AKPANA YOUNG Candidate from GPN has 396 received votes

29 CHINWEIKE ELEM Candidate from HDP has 151 received votes

30 IHUNWO SAMUEL NKEMIKA Candidate from ID has 226 received votes

31 EZEKIEL AYENWEGWE Candidate from JMPP has 47 received votes

32 IGBANIBO PRINCE BELE Candidate from KP has 128 received votes

33 WONWU ISAAC Candidate from LP has 2,690 received votes

34 SAMSON LEADER S and his running mate LPN and his running mate 138 received votes

35 UCHEGBU CHARLES CHIMELE Candidate from MAJA has 103 received votes

36 IKEJI CHIKWERI Candidate from MMN has 142 received votes

37 JOSEPH T. PRINCEWELL Candidate from MPN has 122 received votes

38 ENEFAA O.W. AMACHREE Candidate from MRDD has 26 received votes

39 ONYEMA ONYEKACHI Candidate from NAC has 126 received votes

40 IGBECHI ANTHONY ISAAC Candidate from NCMP has 61 received votes

41 TEMKOR ANASTASIA Candidate from NCP has 230 received votes

42 IBIBOTE TAMUNOOWUNARI Candidate from NDLP has 106 received votes

43 UGOCHIKA OGBO Candidate from NEPP has 86 received votes

44 ENYI PRINCEWILL candidate from NNPP has 250 received votes

45 ROBINSON HENRY Candidate from NCP has 218 received votes

46 AYO-OLADAPO ABIGAIL SOBOMABA Candidate from NRM has 496 received votes

47 FRANKLINE NWABOCHI and his running mate NUP and his running mate 92 received votes

48 JUMBO TAMUNOPRIACA GOD’SGIFT Candidate from PDC has 413 received votes

49 NYESOM WIKE EZENWO Candidate from PDP has 886,264 received votes

50 BOMA EDMUND JACKS Candidate from PPA has 324 received votes

51 COLLINS JOE NDEGWE and his running mate PPC and his running mate 460 received votes

52 NWIDOBIE MIKE LEBARI Candidate from PPN has 441 received votes

53 ROWLAND OPUSUNJU Candidate from PRP has 80 received votes

54 BRIGGS MORRISON SNITHERS Candidate from PT has 54 received votes

55 TAMUNOKURO IYO ROBINSON Candidate from RBNP has 73 received votes

56 GIMBE BARITOR MONDAY Candidate from RP has 39 received votes

57 ELEKMA PRECIOUS OBADIAH Candidate from SDP has 5,138 received votes

58 CHIMEKA NMENIKINI Candidate from SNC has 61 received votes

59 NGOYE BENEBO Candidate from UPN has 55 received votes

60 DEACON PRINCE O. ONUMBU Candidate from UPP has 104 received votes

61 OWHONDAH OBUNEZI CONFIDENCE and his running mate WTPN and his running mate 44 received votes

62 TOMII HENRY B,K Candidate from YES has 482 received votes

63 OMANGIMA IDONIBOYE-OBU candidate from YPP has 201 received votes

64 BEN CHINEDUM OGBOBULA Candidate from ZLP has 242 received votes

2023 Rivers state governorship election

In 2023 Rivers state Siminialayi Fubara won with the total number of 302,614 votes

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