Yobe state governors from 1999 to date

In this post I will like to explain Yobe state governors from 1999 to date

At the end of this post you will know the total elected Yobe state governors from 1999 to date

YOBE state governors from 1999 to date

1999 Yobe state governorship election

In 1999 Yobe state Buka Abba Ibrahim was the elected governor candidate from APP

2003 Yobe state governorship election

In 2003 Yobe state governorship election there are 6 contested candidates that participated in the election

Buka Abba Ibrahim was re-elected as governor from All Nigeria people party ANPP

1 Alh. Bukar Abba IbrahiAlh. Bukar Abba Ibrahim Candidate from ANPP has 358,696 received votes

2 Abubakar Mali and his running mate Abdullahi Dattijo Candidate from NCP has 58 received votes

3 Engr. Yakubu Wakilbe Bello and his running mate Alh. Adamu Musa Nguru Candidate from NDP has 789 received votes

4 Ahmed Bello Arabi and his running mate Alh. Yakubu Dippo and his running mate NPC and his running mate 129 received votes

5 Adamu Maina Wazri and his running mate Alh. Mohammed Lamin Candidate from PDP has 188,262 received votes

6 Alh. Mohammed Ibrahim Tsoho and his running mate Adamu Talba Candidate from UNPP has 302 received votes

2007 sokoto state governorship election

In 2007 Yobe state Mamman Bello Ali was the elected governor from ANPP and Died in office 27 January 2009 Ibrahim Gaidam candidate from ANPP now became governor on 27 January 2009 , sworn in as governor on 27 January 2009 received votes

2011 Yobe state governorship election

In 2011 Yobe state governorship election there are 6 contested candidates that participated in the election Ibrahim Gaidam Also re-elected as governor Candidate from ANPP

ALH. IBRAHIM GAIDAM Candidate from ANPP has 436,998 received votes

SEN. SHEHU USMAN ALBISHIR Candidate from PDP has 195,449 received votes

DR. ALMAJIRI GEIDAM Candidate from CPC has 15,462 received votes

JIBRIN BABALE Candidate from ACN has 4,939 received votes

ABUBAKAR HASSAN MARAYA Candidate from APGA has 2,331 received votes

ALH. MOHAMMED WAZIRI Candidate from NCP has 949 received votes

2015 state governorship election

In 2015 YOBE state Ibrahim Geidam remain in governor and Re-Elected as governor candidate from All progressive congress

2019 YOBE state governorship election

In 2019 Yobe State Mai Mala Buni and his running mate Idi Barade Gubana Candidate from APC

1 DAHIRU YUNUSA SHAGARDA Candidate from A has 77 received votes

2 KWAGHKAR JULIUS EMBERGA Candidate from AA has 471 received votes

3 KEFAS SULE Candidate from ABP has 194 received votes

4 UMAR ABUBAKAR and his running mate ACD and his running mate 85 received votes

5 BALA KABIRU Candidate from ACPN has 69 received votes

6 IBRAHIM MANZO MOHAMMED Candidate from ADC has 168 received votes

7 SANI SAIDU and his running mate AGA and his running mate 594 received votes

8 ABUBAKAR SANI DANLADI Candidate from APC has 362,735 received votes

9 ADAMU DANBAKO IBRAHIM Candidate from APGA has 4,098 received votes

10 BANTI HENRY HANIEL Candidate from APP has 89 received votes

11 UTSUMIU – NYEN AKIN ISHAYA MISSA Candidate from CAP has 21 received votes

12 BELLO A AHMED Candidate from DA has 32 received votes

13 FARUK ALHAJI MUHAMMED Candidate from DPP has 265 received votes

14 SANUSI A. T HAMZA Candidate from FJP has 17 received votes

15 ABDULLAHI RABSANJANI Candidate from GDPN has 20 received votes

16 BALA DANLAMI ADI Candidate from LP has 44 received votes

17 PAUL JAMASURU TANKWA Candidate from MAJA has 37 received votes

18 PHILLIP SOJE SHIN Candidate from MPN has 69 received votes

19 BAGARMI KAMALUDEEN MUHAMMED SOJE Candidate from MRDD has 49 received votes

20 JAPHET MAGDALINE TOBBI Candidate from NAC has 91 received votes

21 AHMAD MURTALA ISAH Candidate from NDLP has 77 received votes

22 DANJUMA UMARU Candidate from NRM has 730 received votes

23 DARIUS DICKSON ISHAKU Candidate from PDP has 520,433 received votes

24 BELLO MOHAMMED Candidate from PPA has 564 received votes

25 AHMED BALA GASSOL Candidate from PPN has 153 received votes

26 STEPHEN BISHI Candidate from SDP has 743 received votes

27 ALHASSAN AISHA JUMMAI and his running mate UDP and his running mate 16,289 received votes

28 MUSA BAH KANAWA and his running mate YDP and his running mate 1,208 received votes

29 AHMADU UMARU SALIYPP and his running mate 249 received votes

30 ISSA MUSA Candidate from ZLP has 45 received votes

2023 Yobe state governors from 1999 to date

In 2023 Yobe state Mai Mala Buni won with the total number of 317,113 votes Candidate from All progressive congress APC

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