2019 Kano state house of assembly election results

In 2019 Kano state house of assembly election the election was held on 09 of March 2019

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2019 Kano state house of assembly election

In 2019 Kano state house of assembly election there are 38 Constituencies in the election


2019 Rogo Constituency election

In 2019 Rogo Constituency election there are 13 contested candidates that participated in the election

Jibrin Ismail Falgore candidate from PDP

Zarewa Magaji Dahiru candidate from APC

Hussaini Yunusa Dauda Candidate from PRP

Shehu Junaidu candidate from GPN

Ayuba Abdullahi Candidate from AA

Basiru Muazu Tsoho Candidate from APDA

Abdullahi Aminu candidate from ADC

Magaji Kabiru Yusuf Candidate from AGA

Bashir Aliyu Candidate from LPN

Jajo Tukur Bashir candidate from SDP

Usman Danladi candidate from DA

Mustapha Muhd Candidate from HDP

Abdullahi Datti candidate from LP


2019 Kiru Constituency election

In 2019 Kiru Constituency election there are 17 contested candidates that participated in the election

Kabiru Hassan D. candidate from APC

Usman Waziri candidate from PDP

Shamsuddeen Yahaya Candidate from PRP

Abubakar Salisu candidate from GPN

Dauda Sarkin Yalwa Candidate from APDA

Musa Shehu Tela candidate from ADC

Muhammad Aliyu Habibu Candidate from AGA

Abdulkadir Wada Candidate from NPM

Usman Dayyabu Ahmed candidate from PPN

Sani Idris Abdullahi candidate from SDP

Abdu Abdullahi Candidate from ADP

Murtala Ahmad Rufa’I candidate from LP

Nasidi Sani Kiru Candidate from LPN

Kabiru Hassan candidate from UPP

Shu’Aibu Dahiru candidate from ADC

Sunusi Lawal candidate from DA

Nura Salisu Ibrahim Candidate from APM


2019 Kumbotso Constituency election

In 2019 Kumbotso Constituency election there are 33 contested candidates that participated in the election

Ibrahim Mudassir candidate from PDP

Naziru Zakari candidate from APC

Abdu Garba Candidate from PRP

Sadiq Abdullahi Yarima candidate from ADC

Mammam Auwalu candidate from GPN

Sani Jamilu Magaji candidate from PPN

Suleiman Zainab Umar Candidate from NPM

Isah Musa (Malsira) Candidate from APDA

Mustapha Abubakar Candidate from APA

Usman Haruna Usman Candidate from PPA

Bashir Ahmed Usman Candidate from NRM

Umar Ibrahim Abdullahi Candidate from ADP

Sa’Adu Zahra’U Rabi’U candidate from PPC

Muhammad Sani Shehu Candidate from AD

Abdulrashid Bashir Inuwa candidate from A

Bashir Shu’Aibu Abdullahi candidate from LPN

Halilu Aminu Habibu candidate from SDP

Yahaya Samir Candidate from AGA

Umar Dalhatu Candidate from AA

Sani Ahmed Candidate from UPN

Abubakar Ahmed A. Candidate from ID

Ibrahim Kabiru candidate from ZLP

Abdullahi Aliyu Abdullahi Candidate from APM

Habibu Muhammed Candidate from ANDP

Aminu Abubakar candidate from CAP

Usman Mu’Azu candidate from LP

Salihu Sani candidate from UPP

Dabarani Idris Abubakar candidate from ANP

Sani Mohammed Tasju candidate from JMPP

Abdullahi Bashir Ahmad Candidate from NEPP

Ibrahim Haladu Candidate from YPP

Abdullahi Musa candidate from UPC


2019 Madobi Constituency election

In 2019 Madobi Constituency election there are 18 contested candidates that participated in the election

Kabiru Yusif Ismail candidate from APC

Zubair Mahmuda Madobi candidate from PDP

Bello Ibrahim Muhammad candidate from GPN

Lawan Bashir Rabiu A. Candidate from PRP

Sulaiman Mukhtar Ishaq Candidate from APDA

Auwal Tijjani Candidate from PPA

Shafiu M. Musa candidate from ADC

Murtala Mansur Candidate from SNP

Magaji Kasim Dahiru Candidate from AD

Ismail Gambo Aliyu candidate from ANP

Yahaya Aminu Candidate from NPM

Bashir Saminu candidate from SDP

Umar Ismail candidate from LPN

Bala Ayuba Candidate from AGA

Abubakar Usman Candidate from NEPP

Buhari Isyaku Abubakar candidate from LP

Al-Amin Yunusa Candidate from NCP

Umar Usman candidate from UPP


2019 Minjibir Constituency election

In 2019 Minjibir Constituency election there are 15 contested candidates that participated in the election

Ibrahim Tasiu candidate from APC

A. A. Minjibir candidate from PDP

Adamu Aminu Minjibir Candidate from PRP

Sani Shuaibu Sarbi candidate from GPN

Tijjani Ibrahim Candidate from PPA

Uzaibatu Mai Unguwa Candidate from APDA

Garba Ibrahim Candidate from AA

Umar Musa Abdullahi candidate from ANDP

Aliyu Bello candidate from LPN

Jamilu Sabo candidate from ADC

Musa Faisal M. Candidate from AGA

Isyaku Musa candidate from SDP

Yusuf Abdullahi candidate from UPP

Shafiu Haruna Rabiu candidate from ANP

Aminu Ahmad Muhd candidate from LP


2019 Nassarawa Constituency election

In 2019 Nassarawa Constituency election there are 32 Contested candidates that participated in the election

Umar Musa Gama candidate from PDP

Ibrahim Ahmed Gama candidate from APC

Sule Garo Mu’Azzam Tijjani Candidate from PRP

Adnan Mukhtar Adam candidate from UPC

Ahmed Mohammed Habib Candidate from APDA

Safiyanu Hassan Musa Candidate from NPM

Nafiu Abdulrasheed Sheriff candidate from GPN

Usman Mohammed Garba candidate from PCP

Abubakar Abdulhamid Tanko candidate from ANRP

Musa Muhammed Ali Candidate from AGA

Garba Mustapha Mpohd Candidate from ADP

Abubakar Bala A candidate from MPN

Murtala Muhd Yusif candidate from UPP

Sabitu Ibrahim Ali candidate from PPC

Sale Sa’Ad Yusuf candidate from ANDP

Ahmed Inuwa Farouk Candidate from AD

Tudun Wada Ali Garba candidate from PPN

Ibrahim Haruna D candidate from LPN

Habib Nura Khalil candidate from SDP

Nura Adamu candidate from CAP

Hussaini Mohammed Khadija Candidate from AAP

Abdusalam Sule Waya candidate from ADC

Abubakar Alkassim Muttak M Candidate from YPP

Halima Musa Aliyu Candidate from AA

Inuwa Nuhu Idris candidate from FRESH

Balarabe Ibrahim A Candidate from NAC

Adamu Ibrahim Aliyu Candidate from NRM

Jamilu Suleiman Muhammad candidate from ANP

Yusuf Baba Sale candidate from LP

Mohammed Salihu Mohammed candidate from ABP

Abdullahi Habibu candidate from DA

Umar Muhd Sarki Candidate from HDP


2019 Fagge Constituency election

In 2019 Fagge Constituency election there are 3 contested candidates that participated in the election

Mohammed Tukur candidate from PDP

Yusuf Abdullahi Ata candidate from APC

Ibrahim Ahmad Muhammad candidate from MPN


2019 Rano Constituency election

In 2019 Rano Constituency election there are 15 contested candidates that participated in the election

Nurudeen Alhassan Ahmed candidate from APC

Yakubu H. Dahiru candidate from PDP

Yusuf Abdullahi Hussaini Candidate from PRP

Isyaku Sani candidate from GPN

Bashir Hassan Candidate from APDA

Abba Safiyanu Garba Candidate from NPM

Sadam Garba Muhd Candidate from AD

Auwalu Sani candidate from ANP

Lawan Usman Umar Candidate from APM

Abdullahi Muhd Tahir candidate from ADC

Musa Usman candidate from SDP

Abdu Abdullahi candidate from LP

Abba Saidu candidate from LPN

Zubairu Ahmad candidate from UPP

Hamza Nura Candidate from AGA


2019 Kibiya Constituency election

In 2019 Kibiya Constituency election there are 3 contested candidates that participated in the election

Shehu Garba Fammar candidate from PDP

Bello Maifada Kibiya candidate from APC

Shu’Aibu Abdullahi Candidate from PRP


2019 Rimi Gado/Tofa Constituency election

In 2019 Rimi Gado/Tofa Constituency election there are 18 contested candidates that participated in the election

Muhammad Bello Butubutu candidate from APC

Shafi’U Adam candidate from PDP

Auwalu Abdullahi Candidate from PRP

Alhassan Muslihu Adam Candidate from AGA

Mustapha Maikano R/Gado Candidate from APDA

Abdullahi Huwaila candidate from PCP

Abdulwahab Yusuf Sani candidate from ADC

Sani Saidu Candidate from AD

Tukur Salisu Uba Candidate from HDP

Sani Abdullahi Muazu Candidate from AAP

Abbas Yunusa Abdullahi Candidate from NAC

Sule Musbahu candidate from SDP

Nafiu Ismail Candidate from APM

Na’Allah Ali candidate from LPN

Salisu Muhammad Inusa Candidate from NRM

Gabiru Rabiu Yunusa Candidate from AA

Aminu Ahmed Shehu candidate from UPP

Tijjani Makama candidate from LP


2019 Sumaila Constituency election

In 2019 Sumaila Constituency election there are 16 contested candidates that participated in the election

Massu Zubairu Hamza candidate from APC

Faruk Abdu candidate from PDP

Sa’Idu Abdullahi Sihi Candidate from PRP

Ziyara Suwidi Nasiru candidate from GPN

Jafar Rufa’I Mohammed candidate from ADC

Yunusa Alhassan Dogara candidate from SDP

Shu’Aibu H. Aminu Candidate from APDA

Abubakar Adamu Jibrin candidate from PPC

Sadisu Abdullahi Sumaila Candidate from NPM

Ashiru Sama’Ila Candidate from AGA

Ibrahim Isa candidate from LPN

Samina Aisha Candidate from NCP

Abdullahi Sama’Ila candidate from DA

Jamilu Abdullahi candidate from LPN

Sadiq Usman candidate from UPP

Akubu Auwalu candidate from UPC


2019 Takai Constituency election

In 2019 Takai Constituency election there are 19 contested candidates that participated in the election

Ali Kachako Musa candidate from APC

Abdulwasi Uba Sarki Candidate from PRP

Safiyanu Hamza candidate from PDP

Salisu Auwalu Abdullahi candidate from ADC

Musa Shugaba candidate from GPN

Hassan Nuhu Musa Candidate from APDA

Bashir Aminu Liman candidate from ANDP

Datti Ibrahim candidate from LP

Alasan Sani candidate from SDP

Nurudeen Abdullahi Candidate from AGA

Ibrahim Hassana Bala Candidate from NCP

Mohammed Garba Ibrahim Candidate from AGAP

Nasiru Muhd Adam candidate from LPN

Anas Ubale Suleiman Candidate from NPM

Ashiru Wada Kachako candidate from ANP

Mohammed Abubakar candidate from DA

Aminu Hamisu candidate from PPC

Sani Aminu candidate from UPP

Ibrahim Yakubu Candidate from AA


2019 Tsanyawa/Kunchi Constituency election

In 2019 Tsanyawa/Kunchi Constituency election there are 15 contested candidates that participated in the election

Ya’U Garba Gwarmai candidate from APC

Hashimu Garba Maisabulu candidate from PDP

Buhari Musa Kunchi Candidate from PRP

Aminu Wambai Shuwaki Candidate from APDA

Lawal Aminu candidate from GPN

Ibrahim Abba Iliyasu Candidate from AGA

Shafiu Dantala Musa candidate from PPC

Abbas Fatima candidate from DA

Nafiu Zubairu Yankanawa candidate from ADC

Babangida Alasan candidate from LP

Khalil Nura Habib candidate from SDP

Muhammed Ahmed Candidate from ADP

Aliyu Bello candidate from LPN

Abdu Umar Shuwaki Candidate from UPN

Yahaya Hadiyyatullahi Aliyu candidate from PPN


2019 Tudunwada Constituency election

In 2019 Tudunwada Constituency election there are 19 contested candidates that participated in the election

Abdullahi Iliyasu candidate from APC

Jamilu Dayyabu candidate from PDP

Tasiu Salisu Candidate from PRP

Lawal Ahmad Candidate from APDA

Hashim Yusuf candidate from GPN

Iliyasu H. Muhammad candidate from UPC

Ashiru Isyaku Adamu candidate from ADC

Kabiru Isyaku Candidate from NPM

Abubakar A. Hamza Candidate from APM

Mujahid S. Abdullahi candidate from ANP

Maigari Usman candidate from DA

Ibrahim Adamu A. Candidate from HDP

Mujittafa Alhaji A. Candidate from AGA

Mannir A. Sani candidate from LP

Abdussamad Ahmed candidate from SDP

Nguvereen Chekwa Candidate from NCP

Nuha A. Aliyu candidate from CAP

Ibrahim Sule candidate from LPN

Tasiu Musa candidate from UPP


2019 Ungogo Constituency election

In 2019 Ungogo Constituency election there are 24 contested candidates that participated in the election

Aminu Saad Ungogo candidate from PDP

Tasiu Rabiu Panisau candidate from APC

Farouk Muhammad Candidate from PRP

Sule Musa Kadawa Candidate from APDA

Ibrahim Dahiru Mohd candidate from GPN

Abdullahi Muhammad Sagir Candidate from GDPN

Abubakar Muhammad A. Candidate from APM

Ibrahim Abduljalal Candidate from APA

Abdulrahman Hamdatulla candidate from ADC

Gambo Hassan Abdullahi candidate from UPP

Bello Alhassan Musa candidate from PPN

Abubakar Umar Abubakar candidate from PPC

Rufai Ahmad Candidate from AA

Yunusa Salisu Musa candidate from SDP

Lawan Maaruf candidate from DA

Baraya Hassan Garba Candidate from NPM

Halifa Hassan Bashir Candidate from AGA

Adamu U. Isah candidate from LP

Umar Muhammad Adam candidate from LPN

Salisu Muhd Isah Candidate from ANDP

Abdullahi Aliyu Adam candidate from ABP

Ahmed Abdulkadir candidate from UPC

Sageer Ahmed Yawale Candidate from NEPP

Usman Adamu Hassan Candidate from YPP


2019 Warawa Constituency election

In 2019 Warawa Constituency election there are 7 contested candidates that participated in the election

Labaran A. Madari candidate from APC

Shaaibu A. Yartofa candidate from PDP

Umar A. Ibrahim Candidate from PRP

Auwalu Munkaila Candidate from AD

Shamsudeen Malami candidate from ADC

Alasan Usman Candidate from AGA

Mohd Alasan Umar Candidate from APDA


2019 Wudil Constituency election

In 2019 Wudil Constituency election there are 18 contested candidates that participated in the election

Abdullahi Nuhu Achika candidate from APC

Ado Mohammed Wudil candidate from PDP

Yusuf Garba D. Candidate from PRP

Shamsuddeen Musa Auwal candidate from GPN

Mujittafa Mutari Garba candidate from LP

Idris Mohammed Yawale Candidate from APDA

Nafiu Ismail Tasiu candidate from PPC

Suleiman Abdullahi Khalid candidate from A

Tukur Usman candidate from ADC

Lawan Sani candidate from LPN

Usaini Auwalu candidate from SDP

Khamisu Saifullahi Abdullahi Candidate from AGA

Bashir Abba Muhammad Candidate from NPM

Usaini Abdullahi Candidate from AGAP

Sani Abdullahi Sharif candidate from ANP

Ibrahim Buhari Adamu Candidate from AAP

Yunusa Zainabu Candidate from NCP

Iliasu Yusuf candidate from DA


2019 Garko Constituency election

In 2019 Garko Constituency election there are 16 contested candidates that participated in the election

Garko Abba Ibrahim candidate from APC

Adamu Yusuf Garko candidate from PDP

Dahiru Abba Garko Candidate from PRP

Musa Ahmad Ibrahim candidate from GPN

Sabo Sando Imam Candidate from APDA

Auwalu Adamu candidate from PPC

Hassan Yunusa Candidate from ADP

Suraj Garba Inuwa Candidate from AD

Ali Abdu candidate from LP

Hafizu Sule candidate from LPN

Yakubu Musa Candidate from NPM

Nura Sadiq Nuhu candidate from ADC

Shuaibu Khadija Candidate from NCP

Inuwa Sadiq candidate from SDP

Gambo Auwal Sulaiman candidate from ANP

Ahmed Bala Candidate from AGA


2019 Albasu Constituency election

In 2019 Albasu Constituency election there are 18 contested candidates that participated in the election

Usman Sunusi Bataiya candidate from APC

Musa Dahiru Hungu candidate from PDP

Ibrahim Gambo Candidate from PRP

Abdu Tajo candidate from GPN

Adamu Idris Daho Candidate from APDA

Mustapha Muhd Panda Candidate from AD

Abdullahi Ibrahim Haruna candidate from PPC

Najaatu Rabiu Rufai Candidate from AA

Isyak Alhassan A. Candidate from ADP

Ibrahim Buba Fanda candidate from LP

Usman Ado Candidate from NPM

Dalhat Musbahu candidate from SDP

Jabiru Bello candidate from ADC

Saidu Haladu Salim Candidate from AGA

Yusuf Musa Usaini Candidate from AAP

Baushe Bala candidate from JMPP

Hafizu Abubakar candidate from LPN

Mannir Fauziya Candidate from NCP


2019 Shanono/Bagwai Constituency election

In 2019 Shanono/Bagwai Constituency election there are 16 contested candidates that participated in the election

Ali Ibrahim I. Shanono candidate from APC

Ado Daddauda candidate from PDP

Lawan Danbala Shanono Candidate from PRP

Halliru Muhammad candidate from GPN

Sulaiman Danjuma Shanono Candidate from APDA

Abdullahi Aliyu Sani Candidate from NPM

Mu’Azu Abdulrahman Candidate from AGA

Ahmed Ibrahim Garba candidate from SDP

Mustapha Lawal Shanono candidate from ADC

Bello Isa candidate from LPN

Salmanu Wada Abubakar candidate ANDP

Usman Rabi’U Candidate from AGAP

Ibrahim Mamuda candidate from UPP

Aliyu Mustapha Musa Candidate from AA

Nura Umar Mukhtar Candidate from DPC

Sulaiman Maikudi Candidate from GAP


2019 Bebeji Constituency election

In 2019 Bebeji Constituency election there are 20 contested candidates that participated in the election

Abubakar Uba Galadima candidate from PDP

Usaini Danbirni Jibril candidate from APC

Abdullahi Abba Mukhtar candidate from ADC

Umar Lawan Candidate from PRP

Bebeji Nura Namadi candidate from GPN

Usaini A. Rahama Candidate from APDA

Uba Sani Abdullahi Candidate from NPM

Nalaraba Hassana Hassan Candidate from NCP

Abdullahi Umar Candidate from AA

Abdulmumin K. Ibrahim Candidate from ADP

Ali Ishaku Candidate from AGA

Ali A. Abdulmumin Candidate from AAP

Ali Sidi candidate from LPN

Aminu Isah Bebeji candidate from ANP

Sanusi Shuaibu Ibrahim Candidate from APM

Yaro Ahmed Rabiu candidate from PPN

Balarabe Saidu candidate from SDP

Abdullahi Sani candidate from UPP

Mansur Bala candidate from ABP

Yakubu Sani candidate from LP


2019 Bichi Constituency election

In 2019 Bichi Constituency election there are 16 contested candidates that participated in the election

Shehu Lawan candidate from APC

Hamza Sule candidate from PDP

Ahmed Kabiru candidate from GPN

Hamza Ibrahim Yahaya Candidate from PRP

Sunusi Akilu Yunusa Candidate from APDA

Ahmad Mahmud Malami Candidate from AGA

Abdurahman Umar candidate from PPC

Adamu Yunusa Muazu candidate from SDP

Balarabe Ahmad Alhaji Candidate from LPN

Uba Sani Bichi candidate from ADC

Ahmad Salisu Abubakar candidate from LP

Ghali Abdu Adamu candidate from ANP

Aminu Halilu Sabo Candidate from NPM

Abubakar Habibatu Candidate from NCP

Binta Mohammed candidate from UPP

Hussaini Jibril Bello candidate from A


2019 Bunkure Constituency election

In 2019 Bunkure Constituency election there are 13 contested candidates that participated in the election

Muhammad Uba Gurjiya candidate from APC

Isa Musa Kumurya candidate from PDP

Sunusi Sani Barkum Candidate from PRP

Musa Yakub candidate from GPN

Shuaibu Adamu candidate from LPN

Nura Umar Ahmad Candidate from APDA

Sagir Ahmad candidate from LP

Habibu Yunusa candidate from ADC

Zakari Salihu Abubakar Candidate from NPM

Zangina Bala Candidate from AGAP

Sani Salisu Candidate from AGA

Yusuf A. Sani Candidate from ACD

Musa Ado candidate from UPP


2019 Gwale Constituency election

In 2019 Gwale Constituency election there are 33 contested candidates that participated in the election

Yusuf Babangida candidate from PDP

Usman Z. Rabiu candidate from APC

Ahmad Aminu A. Candidate from PRP

Suleiman A. Nazifi Candidate from AA

Rabiu U. Mainika Candidate from APDA

Leko B. Shehu candidate from GPN

Balarabe Muhd Candidate from APA

Aminu M. Yusuf Candidate from AD

Muhd H. Hassan candidate from PPC

Said S. Said Candidate from ADP

Ahmed Y. Maidoki Candidate from APM

Hamisu Sani Candidate from NPM

Abdullahi I. Aliyu Candidate from AGA

Abba K. Ahmad Candidate from YPP

Ibrahim Ibrahim A. candidate from PPN

Musaddiq Salisu candidate from ANP

Shehu Mohd Muhd candidate from A

Aminu G. Labaran candidate from ADC

Saifullahi H. Tafida Candidate from NRM

Kamalu R. Aliyu Candidate from SNC

Auwalu Sulaiman Candidate from NEPP

Adamu U. Sani candidate from LP

Abdurrashid Danladi Candidate from LPN

Lawan H. Uba Candidate from AAP

Ahmed T. Abubakar Candidate from HDP

Salisu M. Maizare candidate from UPC

Shazali M. Sulaiman candidate from JMPP

Umma A. Sharif candidate from MPN

Muhd U. Sarki Candidate from ANDP

Bashir A. Isah Candidate from NFD

Abdulsamad T. Gwadabe candidate from UPP

Alhassan Jamil A. candidate from CAP

Umar D. Jamilu Candidate from ID


2019 Dambatta Constituency election

In 2019 Dambatta Constituency election there are 16 contested candidates that participated in the election

Musa Murtala Kore candidate from APC

Ado Mohammed candidate from PDP

Musa Ahmed Bello Candidate from PRP

Auwalu Zubairu candidate from GPN

Shehu Nasiru Sani Candidate from APDA

Alyasa’U Yahaya Mansur candidate from PPC

Muazu Muftahu candidate from SDP

Yusuf Sulaiman Candidate from AGA

Bello Usman Candidate from LPM

Sulaiman Ibrahim candidate from ANP

Shehu Musa Ibrahim candidate from LP

Aliyu Adamu Nura candidate from JMPP

Abubakar Muhammad candidate from A

Usman Abubakar candidate from ADC

Abdullahi Sani candidate from CAP

Abubakar Usman Alto Candidate from ID


2019 Makoda Constituency election

In 2019 Makoda Constituency election there are 14 contested candidates that participated in the election

Hamisu Ibrahim candidate from APC

Auwalu Isa Jibga candidate from PDP

Haladu Sulaiman Kore Candidate from PRP

Musa Hamidu candidate from GPN

Bello Aminu Candidate from APDA

Nasiru Isma’Il A. Candidate from SNC

Yakubu Nuhu candidate from PPC

Musa Aliyu B. Candidate from AGA

Sulaiman Habu candidate from UPP

Zubairu Ali candidate from ADC

Abdulfatah Bello A. candidate from ANP

Aliyu Isah Baba candidate from JMPP

Shu’Aibu Dogo candidate from LPN

Datti Ibrahim candidate from LP


2019 Dawakin Kudu Constituency election

In 2019 Dawakin Kudu Constituency election there are 22 Contested candidates that participated in the election

Muazzam El-Yakubu candidate from PDP

Ibrahim Muhd Usman candidate from APC

Sabiu Abdu Candidate from PRP

Muhd Balam candidate from LPN

Tijjani Abdullahi candidate from GPN

Abdullahi Hussaini candidate from PPN

Iliyasu Muhd Candidate from APDA

Abubakar Danjuma Yusuf Candidate from SNP

Nabitu Mustapha candidate from ANP

Aminu Ilyasu Yusuf candidate from PPC

Lawan Sule Yargaya Candidate from ADP

Shamsuddeen M. Abdulkadir candidate from ADC

Ibrahim Balarabe candidate from DA

Lawan Ahmed candidate from LP

Hudu Ibrahim candidate from SNC

Musa Bilkisu Sabo Candidate from NCP

Mahmud Danjuma candidate from MMN

Salihu Muhd Tasiu candidate from SDP

Muhd Fatai Candidate from AGA

Shuaibu Umar Tijjani Candidate from AGAP

Muhd Yusuf candidate from JMPP

Sani Bello candidate from UPP

Abdulahamid Umar candidate from UPC


2019 Dawakin Tofa Constituency election

In 2019 Dawakin Tofa Constituency election there are 19 contested candidates that participated in the election

Sale Ahmed Marke candidate from APC

Sani Romi candidate from PDP

Ibrahim Hamza D. Candidate from PRP

Mukhtar Ado candidate from GPN

Usani Abdullahi Candidate from APDA

Murtala Inuwa A. Candidate from PPA

Muhd Tukur Haruna Candidate from NRM

Nura Nasiru candidate from PPC

Muhammad Magaji Candidate from NPM

Ibrahim Aminu Gwaram candidate from SDP

Naziru Ibrahim candidate from LPN

Muhd Nura Sulaiman candidate from LP

Adamu Danbaji A. Candidate from AGA

Shehu Sani candidate from CAP

Abdulmalik Sale candidate from APC

Surajo Hayatu A. Candidate from AA

Haruna Ibrahim Umar candidate from UPP

Sani Murtala Jalli candidate from ANP

Bello Hassan Hasheem Candidate from APM


2019 Doguwa Constituency election

In 2019 Doguwa Constituency election there are 13 contested candidates that participated in the election

Salisu I. Mohd candidate from APC

Alhassan Riruwai candidate from PDP

Kabiru Tanko Candidate from PRP

Sagir Murtala candidate from GPN

Balarabe Yusuf Candidate from APDA

Abubakar Abdulrashid candidate from ADC

Hassan Yusuf candidate from LPN

Abubakar Sunusi candidate from LPN

Aliyu Umar candidate from LP

Yahaya Abdulkadir Candidate from AGA

Buhari Abdullahi candidate from ANP

Abubakar Ibrahim Candidate from NPM

Sagir Ali candidate from UPP


2019 Gabasawa Constituency election

In 2019 Gabasawa Constituency election there are 19 contested candidates that participated in the election

Salisu Danazumi Muhammad candidate from APC

Surajo Usman candidate from PDP

Hussaini Isah Zakirai candidate from PDP

Hamisu Auwalu candidate from GPN

Umar Haruna Zakiru Candidate from AA

Danladi Umar Candidate from APDA

Ali Wada Candidate from NPM

Sani Rabiu Candidate from PPA

Yunusa Salisu M candidate from LP

Habu Haladu candidate from ANDP

Nafiu Alh. Nasiru candidate from LP

Yunusa Haluru Candidate from ADP

Abubakar Kairu Sulaiman candidate from ADC

Ismail Muntari Candidate from AGA

Idris Habib candidate from LPN

Nazifi Yakubu Kwazari candidate from ANP

Abdulhamid Karimatu Candidate from RBNP

Auwal Hassan candidate from JMPP

Musbahu Jamilu candidate from UPP


2019 Gaya Constituency election

In 2019 Gaya Constituency election there are 18 contested candidates that participated in the election

Suyudi Mamuda Kademi candidate from APC

Mudi Hassan candidate from PDP

Surajo Hassan A. Candidate from PRP

Ibrahim Garba candidate from GPN

Adamu Usman Gaya Candidate from APDA

Hamisu Ibrahim Said candidate from PPC

Abubakar Idris Ibrahim Candidate from NPM

Yusuf Ahmed candidate from LPN

Muhammad Adam Kabir Candidate from AGA

Aminu Abubakar Jibril Candidate from HDP

Ghali Sule candidate from LP

Ahmed Rukayya Usman Candidate from NCP

Usman Alh. Ali candidate from ADC

Hassan A. Surajo candidate from SDP

Shu’Aibu Muhammad Shu’Aib M candidate from UPC

Kabiru Muhammad candidate from DA

Baba Ibrahim Said candidate from JMPP

Umar Adamu Hamza candidate from UPP


2019 Ajingi Constituency election

In 2019 Ajingi Constituency election there are 21 contested candidates that participated in the election

Isyak Ali Danja candidate from PDP

Sagiru Gambo Y. candidate from APC

Aliyu Ahmad Saleh Candidate from PRP

Murtala Mahmud candidate from GPN

Yusif Ibrahim Candidate from APDA

Abdullahi Muhd Candidate from PPA

Maishanu I. Rabiu candidate from SDP

Mustapha Ya’U Musa Candidate from AGAP

Umar Ali Danja Candidate from AA

Nura Dan Baba candidate from ADC

Yakubu Inuwa candidate from LP

Sani Surajo Candidate from AGA

Sagir Ahmad Muhd Candidate from LPN

Ya’U Tasiu candidate from A

Sanusi Musa Hassan candidate from DA

Ja’Afar Musa Candidate from NPM

Auwal Idris Candidate from ANDP

Rukayya Mohd Auwal Candidate from NAC

Al-Amin Zainab Candidate from NCP

Usman Haruna U. candidate from UPP

Zakariyya Ibrahim candidate from ZLP


2019 Gwarzo Constituency election

In 2019 Gwarzo Constituency election there are 20 contested candidates that participated in the election

Haruna Kayyu Yunusa candidate from APC

Rabiu Sale candidate from PDP

Abubakar Ibrahim Candidate from PRP

Umar Magaji Umar candidate from GPN

Musa Haruna Yawale Candidate from APDA

Muhammad Garba Candidate from NPM

Auwalu Ibrahim candidate from PPC

Lawan Sagiru Candidate from AGA

Mukhtar Sani Gwarzo candidate from A

Nura Bello Ali candidate from LPN

Shamsi Ibrahim Candidate from AD

Haruna Kabiru candidate from DA

Sulaiman Hamisu Getso candidate from ADC

Ibrahim Sarki Muhammad candidate from ANP

Muhammad Rabi Candidate from NCP

Usman Rabiu Abubakar candidate from UPC

Nafiu Adamu Mohammed candidate from ZLP

Abubakar Ado candidate from LP

Jamilu Ahmed Candidate from AA

Ado Musa candidate from UPP


2019 Kabo Constituency election

In 2019 Kabo Constituency election there are 19 contested candidates that participated in the election

Ayuba Labaran Alasan candidate from APC

Kabiru Lawan Durun candidate from PDP

Jamilu Ado Umar Candidate from PRP

Tsoho Anas Abubakar candidate from GPN

Rabiu Sayyad Aliyu Candidate from APDA

Auwalu Garba Liti Candidate from NPM

Abubakar Hauwa Y. candidate from PPC

Yahaya Saminu Muhd candidate from SDP

Salmanu Galadima candidate from ADC

Faruk Yusuf Godiya Candidate from DPC

Habu Abdu H/Galadima candidate from LP

Hamisu Sani candidate from LPN

Ahmed Yau Ahmed candidate from ANP

Mannir Atiku H. Candidate from NCP

Aminu Abdulmumini A. candidate from MPN

Khadija Adebayo Ali candidate from UPP

Khadija Idris Candidate from AD

Umar Ibrahim candidate from A

Tasiu Hassan Candidate from AGA


2019 Municipal Constituency election

In 2019 Municipal Constituency election there are 34 contested candidates that participated in the election

Salisu Maje Gwangwazo candidate from PDP

Baffa Babba Danagundi candidate from APC

Abubakar Kabir Muhammad Candidate from YPP

Idi Aminu Candidate from APDA

Ahmad Dahiru candidate from GPN

Auwal Tasiu Daneji Candidate from NPM

Nura Ahmad candidate from PPC

Shahid Yakubu Muhammed Candidate from SNC

Yakasai Faisal Abubakar candidate from PPN

Abdullahi Nura candidate from PDC

Umar Shuaibu Abdullahi candidate from ZLP

Mus’Ab Bature Na’Allah Candidate from SNP

Abubakar Zakiri Tijjani Candidate from AA

Ibrahim Mu’Azu Mahmud candidate from ADC

Ahmad Ibrahim Yaro Candidate from APM

Aminu Yazid Candidate from AD

Abdu Abubakar Sharifai Candidate from AGAP

Muhammad Haruna candidate from LP

Sani Ibrahim Candidate from AGA

Sani Zaharaddeen candidate from ANDP

Rabiu Mahmoud Abdullahi Candidate from ID

Ado Nafiu Candidate from AAP

Mannir Balarabe Danmaje candidate from ANP

Balarabe Huzaifa Liman candidate from JMPP

Ahmad Musbahu Garba candidate from MPN

Mukhtar Adamu Muhmud Candidate from NCP

Aiman Ibrahim Usman candidate from UPC

Ityan Mary Candidate from BNPP

Saifullahi Ali candidate from UPP

Muhd Sulaiman Zaharaddeen Candidate from ADP

Usman Farouk candidate from CAP

Mohammed Haruna Candidate from NFD

Abdulkadir Musa Guza candidate from UPN

Ibrahim Rabiu Maishuni candidate from UPN


2019 Tarauni Constituency election

In 2019 Tarauni Constituency election there are 30 contested candidates that participated in the election

Lawan Rabiu candidate from PDP

Abubakar Zakari Mohd candidate from APC

Ali Tukur Candidate from PRP

Jamilu Abdullahi Mohd Candidate from ADP

Suleiman Mohd Bello Candidate from APDA

Abubakar Umar Barkama candidate from GPN

Tijjani Furera Candidate from PPA

Sinkin Munzali Wada candidate from SDP

Hassan Musa Baba candidate from PDC

Jabir Abubakar Sarki candidate from MPN

Muhammad Umar candidate from ADC

Khadija A. Garba Candidate from AD

Abdulmajid Mohd Mira Candidate from APM

Abdulsalam Isah Musa candidate from PPC

Sharif Zainaba candidate from MPN

Muhammad Garba Candidate from APA

Adam Firdausi candidate from A

Auwal Abdullahi Umar candidate from UPC

Abdurauf Shuaibu Aliyu candidate from JMPP

Yusuf Musa candidate from LP

Abdulkadir Ado Abba Candidate from AGA

Muazu Abdullahi candidate from UPN

Amir Abdullahi Kima candidate from ANP

Nisiru Mohammed candidate from LPN

Shamsuddeen S. Ahmad candidate from PPN

Falal Najaatu Mohd Candidate from NCP

Sagir Ahmad Aliyu Candidate from NEPP

Umar Ahmad Candidate from AA

Umar Nuhu Suleiman Candidate from KP

Sanusi Musa Hassan candidate from DA


2019 Karaye Constituency election

In 2019 Karaye Constituency election there are 19 contested candidates that participated in the election

Musa Hayatu Dorawar Sallau candidate from APC

Rabiu Abdulmalik Juda candidate from PDP

Abdullahi Nasiru candidate from APC

Wada Nababa Tudun Kaya candidate from PDP

Abdullahi Muhammad Candidate from PRP

Muhammad Magaji Candidate from PRP

Umar Musa candidate from GPN

Lawan Shehu Kura Candidate from APDA

Aliyu Dederi candidate from GPN

Alkasim Aliu Candidate from APDA

Ibrahim Salim candidate from PCP

Rabiu Muazu candidate from PPN

Bashir Yusif Candidate from AGA

Amina Isiaku Abubakar Candidate from AA

Yakubu Dada Candidate from AD

Adamu Isah Adam Candidate from AGAP

Tijjani Umar Musa Candidate from HDP

Ado Muhammed Abdullahi candidate from LPN

Inuwa Auwalu candidate from SDP


2019 Dala Constituency election

In 2019 Dala Constituency election there are 8 contested candidates that participated in the election

Hussaini Lawan candidate from PDP

Shuaibu Usman Anto candidate from APC

Munir Isyaku Candidate from PRP

Hamza Tanko Gambega Candidate from APDA

Haruna Sani Musa candidate from GPN

Inuwa Rufai Iliyasu Candidate from APA

Nana Lawan candidate from UPP

Mahmud Shazali Ali Candidate from APM


2019 Kano state house of assembly election results

These are the elected candidates in 2019 Kano state house of assembly election

Kiru Constituency Represented by Kabiru Hassan D., Warawa Constituency Represented by Labaran A. Madari, Wudil Constituency Represented by Abdullahi Nuhu Achika, Garko Constituency Represented by Garko Abba Ibrahim, Albasu Constituency Represented by Usman Sunusi Bataiya, Shanono/Bagwai Constituency Represented by Ali Ibrahim I. Shanono, Madobi Constituency Represented by Kabiru Yusif Ismail, Minjibir Constituency Represented by Ibrahim Tasiu, Nassarawa Constituency Represented by Umar Musa Gama, Fagge Constituency Represented by Mohammed Tukur, Kibiya Constituency Represented by Shehu Garba Fammar, Rimi Gado/Tofa Constituency Represented by Muhammad Bello Butubutu, Sumaila Constituency Represented by Massu Zubairu Hamza, Takai Constituency Represented by Ali Kachako Musa, Tsanyawa/Kunchi Constituency Represented by Ya’U Garba Gwarmai, Tudunwada Constituency Represented by Abdullahi Iliyasu, Karaye Constituency Represented by Musa Hayatu Dorawar Sallau,

Dawakin Tofa Constituency Represented by Sale Ahmed Marke, Doguwa Constituency Represented by Salisu I. Mohd, Gabasawa Constituency Represented by Salisu Danazumi Muhammad, Gaya Constituency Represented by Suyudi Mamuda Kademi, Gwarzo Constituency Represented by Haruna Kayyu Yunusa, Kabo Constituency Represented by Ayuba Labaran Alasan, Dambatta Constituency Represented by Musa Murtala Kore, Makoda Constituency Represented by Hamisu Ibrahim, Bichi Constituency Represented by Shehu Lawan, Bunkure Constituency Represented by Muhammad Uba Gurjiya won on the party of All Progressives Congress APC

Kumbotso Constituency Represented by Ibrahim Mudassir, Ungogo Constituency Represented by Aminu Saad Ungogo, Bebeji Constituency Represented by Abubakar Uba Galadima, Gwale Constituency Represented by Yusuf Babangida, Dawakin Kudu Constituency Represented by Muazzam El-Yakubu, Ajingi Constituency Represented by Isyak Ali Danja, Municipal Constituency Represented by Salisu Maje Gwangwazo, Tarauni Constituency Represented by Lawan Rabiu, Dala Constituency Represented by Hussaini Lawan won on the party of Peoples Democratic party PDP

Halilu Aminu Habibu won on the party of social democracit party SDP


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