2023 BENUE state governorship election results

In 2023 BENUE State governorship election results the election was held on March 18 2023.

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2023 BENUE state governorship election candidates

There are 16 contested candidates that participated in the election. The list of contested candidates and their running mate that participated in the election are

OYIGEYA MATTHIAS and his running mate ATORUGH APE ELIZABETH candidate from Action party

DABU MATTHEW ASEMAYINA and his running mate OCHONU FRANCIS OCHONU candidate from AA Party

OBE EWAOCHE BENJAMIN and his running matenARASE VERA LAADI candidate from AAC

TILLEY GYADO TERHEMEN and his running mate OKOH SUNDAY candidate from ADC

CHENGE ROSELINE ADA and his running mate GWAZA THADDEUS candidate from ADP party

ALIA HYACINTH IORMEM and his running mate ODE SAMUEL candidate from APC

WAYA JOSEPH and his running mate ODE UHWANA ISAAC candidate from APGA

KWADZAH TERRUMUN KENNETH and his running mate AGADA GRACE PRISS candidate from APP

HEMBE HERMAN IORWASE C. and his running mate IDU CHRISTOPHER ONYILOYI candidate from LP

ANGWE BEM REUBEN and his running mate OGBAJI COMFORT candidate from NNPP

ABAH SAM INALEGWU and his running mate SAALU ROSELYN candidate from NRM

UBA TYOAPINE TITUS and his running mate NGBEDE JOHN ILODU candidate from PDP

ICHEEN LEVI LUMUN and his running matebSUNDAY IDAKWO EMMANUEL candidate from PRP

MEDE JAMES BEMGBATOR and his running mate EBUTE AMEH JUSTICE candidate from SDP

ORYA UNGWAGA ROBERTS and his running mate AGABA IDUH FIDEL candidate from YPP

DABO ADZUANA AONDONA and his running mate OGBE OCHEME candidate from ZLP


2023 BENUE state governorship election results

Alia Hyacinth Iormem candidate from All progressive congress APC was the elected governor With the total number of 473,933 received votes votes


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