AKWA IBOM state governors from 1999 to date

In this post I will like to explain Akwa ibom state governors from 1999 to date

At the end of this post you will know the total elected Akwa ibom state governors from 1999 to date

AKWA IBOM state governors from 1999 to date

1999 Akwa ibom state governorship election

In 1999 Victor Attah was the elected governor from people democratic party PDP


2003 Akwa ibom state governorship election

In 2003 Akwa ibom state governorship election there are 9 contested candidates that participated in the election

Victor Attah was re-elected as governor from people democratic party PDP

1 Ikpe Maria Nyong and his running mate Ogungide Elder Ekpo candidate form AD has 1,394 received votes

2 Dr. Ime Sampson Unanah and his running mate Dr. Samuel Udonsak candidate form ANPP has 197,369 received votes

3 Prince Madu Okon Ekpo and his running mate Oyokunyi Asuquo Esin Candidate from APGA has 561 received votes

4 Cyril Itohowo(Pastor) and his running mate Bassey Thompson Udotai candidate form NAC has 31 received votes

5 Nkanga Idongesit Okon and his running mate Nyah Ubokutom Asuquo Candidate from NDP has 109,254 received votes

6 Engr. Albert Essien Surv and his running mate Surv.Ralph Ekpeyong Candidate from NNP has 159 received votes

7 Attah Victor Bassey and his running mate Ekpenyong Christopher Stephen candidate from PDP has 1,028,784 received votes

8 Okon Emmanuel Etim and his running mate Eyo Rolland Okon candidate form PRP has 383 received votes

9 Dr. Anam-ndu Ekeng Akpan and his running mate Engr. Emmanuel James Obong Candidate from UNPP has 438 received votes

2007 Akwa ibom state governorship election

In 2007 Godswill Akpabio was the elected governor from people democratic party PDP


2011 Akwa ibom state governorship election

In 2011 Akwa ibom state governorship election there are 14 contested candidates that participated in the election

Godswill Akpabio was re-elected second term as governor candidate from PDP

1 GODSWILL OBOT AKPABIO Candidate from PDP has 957,585 received votes

2 SEN. JOHN JAMES Candidate from ACN has 163,449 received votes

3 LAWRENCE BASSEY ESIN Candidate from CPC has 15,660 received votes

4 EWANG SAMPSON EWANG Candidate from ANPP has 3,721 received votes

5 UMOH IDORENYIN JAMES candidate from LP has 2,745 received votes

6 ASUKWO DAVIS EKANEM candidate form AD has 1,287 received votes

7 EKANEM DAVID MAUKE Candidate from APGA has 913 received votes

8 OBONG EDET INYANG UDOH Candidate from PPA has 777 received votes

9 JERRY M. HARRY Candidate from NTP has 754 received votes

10 EMMANUEL ASUQUO NKEREWEM Candidate from ARP has 411 received votes

11 AKPAN OKON Candidate from HDP has 327 received votes

12 FRANCIS BENEDICT UMOH candidate form NRP has 278 received votes

13 IKOT-OSIN BASSEY EFFIOG Candidate from SDMP has 277 received votes

14 FRANK UKO DANIEL Candidate from NNPP has 249 received votes


2015 Akwa ibom state governorship election

In 2015 Emmanuel Udom was elected as governor from people democratic party PDP

2019 Akwa ibom state governorship election

Akwa Ibom State Udom Gabriel Emmanuel and his running mate Moses Ekpo Candidate from PDP

These are the contested candidates in 2019 Akwa ibom state

1 JOSEPH OKON JAMES Candidate from A has 34 received votes

2 OKPONGETE EMMANUEL Candidate from AAP has 159 received votes

3 OBONG SAMUEL ATANG Candidate from ABP has 106 received votes

4 TIM JOSEPH EDUOK Candidate from ACD has 124 received votes

5 SAMUEL DAVID UDOH Candidate from AD has 66 received votes

6 OBOT UDEME EDET Candidate from ADC has 284 received votes

7 UKEME UKO PETER candidate from ADP has 152 received votes

8 DIVINE SOLOMON BASSEY candidate from AGAP has 34 received votes

9 EFFIONG NDARAKE EFFIONG candidate form ANDP has 38 received votes

10 IBORO ROBERT OT U Candidate from ANRP has 234 received votes

11 NSIMA UDO EKERE Candidate from APC has 171,978 received votes

12 NSISONG ISAAC MONDAY Candidate from BNPP has 74 received votes

13 UMOH BENJAMIN OKON Candidate from C4C has 19 received votes

14 ETIM DAVID BASSEY Candidate from CAP has 24 received votes

15 ANIETTE UDO UKPONG Candidate from CNP has 6 received votes

16 BENEDICT JOHNSON ATTA candidate form DA has 28 received votes

17 EKANEM ANIEKAN ESSIEN Candidate from DPC has 78 received votes

18 OBONG EDET INWANG UDOH Candidate from DPP has 295 received votes

19 ENYENIHI VICTOR ABIA Candidate from FJP has 453 received votes

20 ITORO EKPA BASSEY Candidate from GPN has 55 received votes

21 AYANGA SUNDAY EFFIONG Candidate from HDP has 22 received votes

22 BASSEY EDET WILLIE Candidate from JMPP has 26 received votes

23 EDEM OKON ESSIEN Candidate from KP has 43 received votes

24 ABASIAKAN SAMUEL ESSIEN Candidate from LP has 44 received votes

25 OKON UKO USEME candidate form MPN has 30 received votes

26 ELDER IMOH OKON DAVID candidate from MRDD has 166 received votes

27 IDORENYIN BONIFACE AKPAN candidate form NAC has 16 received votes

28 GEORGE NSIDIBE AUGUSTINE candidate form NCMP has 28 received votes

29 IME UDIA candidate form NEPP has 10 received votes

30 EMMANUEL OFFIONG ESARA Candidate from NFD has 13 received votes

31 OKON DANIEL FRANK candidate form NNPP has 63 received votes

32 BEN CHRISTOPHER BASSEY Candidate from NRM has 32 received votes

33 ISSAC INIOBONG A. Candidate from PDC has 627 received votes

34 UDOM EMMANUEL H.E candidate form PDP has 519,712 received votes

35 EKONG MFON UDO candidate form PPA has 443 received votes

36 EFFIONG OKON EKAEBA Candidate from PPN has 71 received votes

37 EKPONG EYO EYO Candidate frombPPP has 88 received votes

38 SUNDAY ERASMUS MBOBO candidate form PRP has 34 received votes

39 ASUKASO DAVIS EKANEM Candidate from SDP has 39 received votes

40 MILNE ROGER GRACE candidate form UPC has 45 received votes

41 BROWN SAMUEL JOSEPH candidate form UPN has 223 received votes

42 UMOEKOYO OKON ESSANG Candidate from UPP has 58 received votes

43 EZEKIEL ANIEKAN NYA-ETOK candidate form YDP has 70 received votes

44 UDOH NATURE DENIS Candidate from YPP has 67 received votes

45 CHIEF PATRICK USEN ETIM Candidate from ZLP has 37 received votes


2023 Akwa ibom state governorship election

Umo Eno won with the total number of 354,348 votes Candidate from people democratic party PDP

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