Eid kibr dates

When is eid kibr date in this post I will like to explain what are the dates of eid kibr or how can I calculate eid kibr date

What is Eid kibr

Eid kibr also know as eld Mubarak, eld adha, Eid Al kibr,eid kibr, eld al adha, big eld, Eid ileya or feast of sacrifice that is celebrated by all Muslims all over the world and majority of Muslims will attend the special prayers held at different major mosques and Islamic centers mosque all over the world

Place to worship in Eid kibr

Eid adha take place at the end of town like desert or forest where nobody is living

Eid kibr dates

Eld kibr dates was 2 months and 10 or eleven days after Eid fitr Eid kibr payer will take place Day after arafa Day

How to know the Eid kibr days

The difference between hijra calendar and geography calendar is hijra calendar has 6 months 29 days and 6 months 30 days While geography calendar has 7 months 31 days and 4 months 30 days While a month for 28 or 29 days

Hijra calendar has 354 days and geography calendar has 365 or 366 days

Ramadan midnight prayer nafilah

How to calculate Eid adha dates

The Eid kibr take place on every 10 orr 11 days of each month that is if 2023 of Eid adha was 29 June 2023 the next year Eid prayer day will be 18 of June 2024 by deduct 11 days out of it. But if the Day was leap year you will deduct 12 days out of it and it will be 17 June 2024

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