Roles and duties of Nigeria ministry of affairs

In this post I will like to explain who are the Ministry of affairs in Nigeria what are the duties of Nigeria ministry of affairs

You will also know what are the responsibilities of Nigeria ministry of affairs

Nigeria Federal ministry of affairs

The Nigerian foreign ministry is a statutory body created to re-inforce foreign decision making and implementation processes in Nigeria and handle the external promotion of Nigeria’s domestic vision and ideals

Ministry headed by a federal executive cabinet minister As of late its mission has geared towards increasing awareness about Nigeria’s economic potential It is part of the government’s executive branch

The federal ministry was created in 1961, with late Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa appointing Jaja Wachuku the inaugural Minister of Foreign Affairs and Common-wealth Relations Before Wachuku’s tenure, Balewa had doubled as Foreign Affairs advocate of Nigeria, from 1960 to 1961

Duties of Nigeria ministry of affairs

For Dedicated to the vital national interests of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,

For promote of African Integration and unity

For international cooperation for the consolidation of Global Peace,

For Security

For just world economic order and democratic values,

For the formulation

For articulation

For implementation of Nigeria’s Policy objectives for the benefit of the nation,

For citizens by building the capability to be a major role player in world affairs,

For earning the respect of the People of Africa

And for the larger international community

Aims of Nigeria ministry of affairs

To build a strong and effective Foreign Ministry that is knowledge-based and technology driven in service delivery, at headquarters and missions abroad, in the pursuit of Nigeria’s interests and foreign policy goals and objectives and guarrantee the dignity of Nigerian citizens, Africans as well as other foreigners in Nigeria

Ministry is also committed to the vision of Nigeria becoming one of the top twenty economies in the world by the year 2020

Core Values of ministry

Our Core Values deal with issues of National Security, Survival, Territorial Integrity and Sovereignty as well as strengthening the International Mechnism for effective service delivery and enhancing revenue measures, distributions, Customer service, including increasing a greater economic content in the curriculum of the Nations Foreign Services and Investment

Ministry of affairs Foreign Policies

Foreign policies are committed to building an efficient Foreign Ministry that is knowledge-based and techology-drive in service delivery in the pursuit of Nigerias interests and foreign policy goals aand objectives

Promotion and protection of Nigeria’s national interests

Representing and protecting the interests of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Nigerian citizens, and legal entities abroad

Promotion of African integration and support for African unity

Promotion of international cooperation for the consolidation of universal peace and mutual respect among nations and elimination of discrimination in all its manifestation

Respect for international law and treaty l as seeking settlement of the internal dispute by negotiation, mediation, conciliations, arbitration, and adjudication and

Promotion of a just world economic order

Roles and duties of Nigeria ministry of finance

Role duty and power of Nigeria ministers

Departments of Nigeria ministry of affairs

We are poised to serve you better Checkout our departments and functions

Protocols of ministry

The Protocol Department coordinates, processes and facilitates official communications between Nigeria and the diplomatic/international communities The units under the Department are

Planning Research and Statistics

The Department of Planning, Research and Statistics (PRS) is the think tank of the Ministry and one of the three service Departments established by the

Foreign Service Inspectorate

Foreign Service Inspection Division, SERVICOM Unit, and ACTU

Leadership Team

World-class and highly experienced diplomatics are at the helm of our affairs

List of all federal Ministers of affairs from 1961 to date

1 Jaja Wachuku (1961–1965) 4 years in office

2 Nuhu Bamalli (1965–1966) 1 Year in office

3 Yakubu Gowon (1966–1967) 1 Year in office

4 Arikpo Okoi (1967–1975) 8 years in office

5 Joseph Nanven Garba (1975–1978) 3 years in office

6 Henry Adefope (1978–1979) 1 Year in office

7 Ishaya Audu (1979–1983) 4 years in office

8 Emeka Anyaoku (1983)

9 Ibrahim Gambari (1984–1985) 1 year in office

10 Bolaji Akinyemi (1985–1987) 2 years in office

11 Ike Nwachukwu (1987–1989) 2 years in office

12 Rilwan Lukman (1989–1990) 1 Year in office

Ike Nwachukwu (1990–1993) 4 years in office

Matthew Mbu (1993)

Babagana Kingibe (1993–1995) 2 years in office

Tom Ikimi (1995–1998) 3 years in office

Ignatius Olisemeka (1998–1999) 1 Year in office

Sule Lamido (1999–2003) 4 years in office

Oluyemi Adeniji (2003–2006) 3 years in office

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala (2006)

Joy Ogwu (2006–2007) 1 Year in office

Ojo Maduekwe (2007–2010) 3 years in office

Martin Ihoeghian Uhomoibhi (2010)

Henry Odein Ajumogobia (2010–2011) 1 Year in office

Olugbenga Ashiru (2011–2013) 2 years in office

Viola Onwuliri (2013–2014) 1 Year in office

Aminu Bashir Wali (2014–2015) 1 Year in office

Geoffrey Onyeama (2015–2023) 8 years in office

Amb Adamu Ibrahim Lamuwa from 2023 till date

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