Nigeria ministry of environment agencies

Nigeria ministry of environment agencies

In this post I like to explain who are the NIGERIA Ministry of environment

What are the duties of Nigeria ministry of environment, role and responsibilities of ministry of environment

Nigeria Ministry of environmental

Federal Ministry of Environment is a ministry of the Federal Government of Nigeria created in 1999 with a mandate to address environmental issues and to ensure the effective coordination of all environmental matters in Nigeria

Establishment of ministry of environment

How federal ministry of environment was established

The present Suleja was formally known as Abuja, a sparsely populated town with a population of about 500,000 people; it was completely rural with little or no infrastructure until the enactment of Decree No. 6 of 1976.

Before the 1976 Decree, a committee (‘The Aguda Panel’)was commissioned to go round the country in search of a suitable location for the New Federal Capital with two major points of reference; a region that is sparsely populated and that is centrally located. And the region now known as Abuja met these requirements and hence became the recommended location for the New Federal Capital.

The acceptance of the recommendation of the committee, led to the enactment of Decree No. 6, of 1976, the Federal Capital Territory Act, and this became the blueprint for the re-location of the new Federal Capital from Lagos to Abuja.

The town originally known as Abuja was later renamed Suleja, while the name “Abuja” was reserved for the capital-to-be.

In order to realise the objective of developing Abuja, the new Capital City, into a masterpiece on the African continent, the Federal Government established the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) as the sole agency vested with the responsibility of planning, designing and developing the city.

Duties of ministry of environment

The Federal Ministry of Environment works to ensure environmental protection, natural resources conservation and sustainable development

Since its establishment, the Ministry has impacted on raising the issue of environmental consciousness in the minds of Nigerians as well as the interface with the Global environmental best practices. It has focused on involving innovative strategies that emphasize the use of environmental re – engineering as a veritable tool for job creation, poverty eradication, ensuring food security, encouraging sustainable economic development and general improvement in the livelihood of Nigerian populace.

Role duty and power of Nigeria ministers

Roles of ministry of environment

To be a Nation that develops in harmony with its environment

As part of its roles and duties, the ministry sets out to ensure the control of environmental issues and the protection and conservation of natural resources. It also formulates policies and supervises activities for curbing desertification and deforestation the management of flood, erosion and pollution, as well as climate change and clean energy.

Aims of ministry of environment

To ensure environmental protection, natural resources conservation and sustainable development

Responsibilities of ministry of environment

Cooperating with relevant MDAs, the private sector, NGOs, and International organizations on environmental matters.

The ministry plays various roles involving the national goals on desertification, deforestation, pollution, and waste management. It also superintends over climate change and clean energy issues and enforces environmental standards and regulations in different parts in Nigeria

Promoting sustainable use of natural resources.

It also supervises and provides funding for research institutes such as the Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria (FRIN), and the Environmental Health and Registration Council of Nigeria (EHORECON), among others

Raising public awareness and promoting understanding of linkages of the environment

It Also fulfills its responsibilities through the departments and parastatals. Some of these parastatals include: National Biosafety Management Agency (NBMA), National Parks Service (NPS), National Agency for the Great Green Wall, National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA), and National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA)

Securing a quality environment conducive for good health and wellbeing of fauna and flora.

Restoring and maintaining the ecosystem, ecological process and preserve biodiversity.

Past Nigeria minister of environment

These is the list of the leader of Nigeria ministers of environment from 1999 to date

1 Dr. Iyorchia Ayu

2 Mrs. Helen Esuene

3 Mrs. Halima Tayo Alao

4 Mr. John Odey

5 Mrs. Amina Mohammed

6 Mr. Ibrahim Jibril

7 Mohammad Mahmood Abubakar

Achievements of the Ministry of environment

One of the major achievements of the Federal Ministry of Environment is the initiation of the Ogoniland clean-up programme of the Nigerian government. Ogoniland is one of the communities in the oil-rich Niger Delta region that has been devastated by the exploration activities of oil producing companies. Other achievements of the ministry and its parastatals include the Clean and Green initiatives in the States of Nigeria, Great Green Wall Programme, inand the Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project.


To oversee the infrastructural and physical development (planning, design and construction) of the new Federal Capital. Ensuring that it conforms to/surpasses the standard of new Capital cities around the world. Paying special attention to inclusivity, functionality, design and aesthetics.


Executive Secretary

Director Urban and Regional Planning

Director, Engineering Services

Director, Internal Audit

Director, Survey and Mapping

Director, Engineering Design and Evaluation

Director, Mass Housing / PPP

Director, Public Buildings

Director, Legal Services

Director, Finance and Administration

Director, Resettlement and Compensation

Director, Procurement

Director/Head, Public Relations/Protocol



Survey And Mapping

Mass Housing

Resettlement And Compensation

Finance And Administration

Public Buildings

Satellite Towns Infrastructure

Urban And Regional Planning


Public Relations

Engineering Design And Evaluation


Internal Audit

Legal Services

Public Relations And Protocol

Special Projects / Information Technology Unit

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