Roles and duties of Nigeria ministry of information

In This Post I will like to explain what are the duties of Nigeria ministry of information

roles of federal ministry of information and important of federal ministry of information at the end of this post you will understand what are the benefits of Nigeria ministry of information is all about

Roles of Nigeria ministry of information

The roles of federal ministry of information is to Build A Dynamic and Participatory Public Information System that Fosters National Unity, Growth and Development As Well As Sustains the Positive Values and Culture of the Nigerian People

Duties of Nigeria ministry of information

Duties of Federal Ministry of information is to Establish and Maintain A Robust Information Dissemination Mechanism that Promotes Tourism Potentials and Enhance Our Cultural Values

Responsibilities of federal ministry of information

Management of the Image, Reputation and Promotion of the Culture of the People and Government of Nigeria through a Dynamic Public Information System that Facilitates Access by Citizens and the Global Community to Credible and Timely Information

Educating Nigerians Against Ethnic, Religious and Sectional Intolerance and Manipulations

Providing Effective Regulatory Environment for the Media and Allied Industry

Educating Nigerians Against the Evils of Cultism, Examination Malpractices, Prostitution and Encouraging Socially Desirable Attitude

Activities and Functions of ministry of information

Providing An Information Bank through the National Archives by Ensuring Permanent Custody, Care and Control of All Archives of the Federal Government and Making Same Avaliable for Research Purposes

Strategic Communication of Government Policies and Programmes As Well As Feedback

Building A Positive Image for the Country and Promoting National Consciousness

Enlightenment on Civic Education Programmes and the Nigerian Public Sector Integrity At Work Project

Developing Among Nigerians, Cultural Values and Awareness that will Inculcate the Spirit of Patriotism, Nationalism, Self-Discipline and Self Reliance

Developing and Promoting Cultural Sites and Tourism Destinations for Sustainable Economic Development

Department of Nigeria ministry of health

Departments of ministry of information

There are 17 department of ministry of information

The following are the Departments of the Ministry:

1 Cultural Industries & Heritage (CIH)

2 Entertainment & Creative Service (ECS)

3 Federal Government Press (FGP)

4 Finance & Accounts (F&A)

5 General Services

6 Human Resource Management (HRM)

7 Information Technology (IT)

8 International Cultural Relations (ICR)

9 National Archives of Nigeria

10 Planning, Budget, Research & Statistics (PRS)

11 Press, Public Relations & Protocol (PRPD)

12 Procurement

13 Production, Publication and Documentation (PPD)

14 Public Communication & National Orientation (PC)

15 Reforms Co-ordination & Services Improvement

16 International Tourism Promotions & Co-operations

17 Domestic and Eco-Tourism Promotion and Control

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