Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy

Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy

In this post I will like to explain who are the Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy (FMCDE)

What are the rule and regulations that guild FMCDE

Nigeria Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy

Nigeria Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy (FMCDE) is a Ministry created in 2011 as the Ministry of Communication Technology

FMCDE was created to foster a knowledge based on economy and information society in country (Nigeria). Ministry was created to facilitate information communication technology ( ICT) as a key tool in the transformation agenda for Nigeria in the areas of job creation, economic growth and transparency of governance.

Responsibilities of FMCDE

FMCDE responsibility is to create a robust digital economy that enhances security, increases transparency, and diversifies the Nigerian economy.”

Role of FMCDE

Federal ministry of communications and digital economy is leverage Digital Technologies for National Economic Development.”

Nigeria federal ministry of aviation

Authority and power of federal ministry of communications technology

FMCDE is Assigned to the Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy by the Federal Government of Nigeria, the Ministry has four key authority

– To Facilitate universal, ubiquitous and cost effective access to communications infrastructure throughout the country (Nigeria)

– To Utilize ICT to drive transparency in governance and improve the quality and cost effectiveness of public service delivery in country (Nigeria).

– To Promote the utilization of information communication technology (ICT) in all spheres of life to optimize the communications infrastructure – digital content creation, domestic software applications and the delivery of private and public services over the internet.

– To Promote and facilitate the development of the information communication technology ICT industry and increase the contribution of the ICT industry to GDP.

Departmental under the federal ministry of communications and digital economy

There are 12 department under the federal ministry of communication. There are

1 information communication technology (ICT)

2 E- Government

3 Human resources management (HRM)

4 Planning Research statistics (PRS)

5 Telecommunications and postal service (TPS)

6 Finance and account

7 Spectrum management

8 Procurement

9 National frequency management council (NFMC)

10 Radio monitoring and survey

11 General service

Unit department under the FMCDE

There are 5 unit under federal ministry of communication and digital economy

Anti corruption and transparency unit

Internal audit Unit

Legal unit

Press and public relations unit


Agencies of the FMCDE

List of agencies under FMCDE. There are 6 agencies under the federal ministry of communication technology they are


Digital Nigeria

E- Government initiative

Local content and capacity

Digital girls

Fmoc social media retreat


Leadership and Directors of FMCDE

List of Leadership and Directors of FMCDE. They are

1 Honourable Minister

2 Permanent Secretary

3 Director, HRM

4 Director, PRS

5 Director, General Services

6 Director, ICT

7 Director, National Frequency Management Council

8 Director, Legal

9 Director, Reforms Coordination & Service Improvement

10 Director, e-Government

11 Director, Procurement

12 Director, Spectrum Management

13 Ag. Director, Telecoms & Postal Services

14 Ag. Director, Radio Monitoring & Survey

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