Nigeria federal ministry of power

In This article I will like to explain who are the NIGERIA federal ministry of power, what are the duties of ministry of power

At the end of this article you will understand who are the Nigeria Federal Ministry of power

Nigeria federal Ministry of power

Ministry of Power is an arm of the Federal government of Nigeria with the responsibilities of providing social amenities such as Power over Ethernet across the country

Ministry in discharging this mandate is guided by the provisions of the laws provided under National Electric Power Policy (NEPP) of 2001, the Electric Power Sector Reform (EPSR) Act of 2005, Rural Electrification Implementation Strategy Plan 2016 and the Roadmap for Power Sector Reform of August 2010

Chief of Staff to the President of Nigeria

Agencies of ministry of power

Ministry executes its mandatory work through the 7 Agencies. They are

1 Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC)

2 Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN)

3 Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA)

4 Rural Electrification Agency (REA)

5 Nigerian Electricity Liability Management Company (NELMCO)

6 National Power Training Institute (NAPTIN)

Departments of ministry of power

Human resources management

Renewable and rural power access

Investment and sector development

Planning, research and statistics

Finance and account


General services

Special duties

Reformed coordinator and service improvement

Energy resources development

Distribution system

Transmission system

Responsibilities of Nigeria Federal ministry of power

To be a key enabler of community and economic growth by facilitating delivery of functional, affordable and reliable power supply in Nigeria.

Duties ministry of power

Is to Expedite national development by providing policies, systems and structures which ensure delivery of reliable, functional and cost effective power supply to Nigerians.

Initiate and coordinate policies and strategies for the sustainable development of reliable power supply in Nigeria.

Function of the Federal Nigeria Ministry of Power

Facilitating the overall coordination of the activities of the Parastatals under its supervision.

Initiating concessions in the power sector of the economy

Handling policy matters relating to research and development in the Power Sector

Conducting statutory tests and certification of electric poles (concrete, wooden, steel etc) and other major electrical materials before they are used on the grid and networks in Nigeria

The responsibilities of the Federal Ministry of Power are as follows:

Initiating and formulating broad policies and programmes on the development of the power sector (electricity) in general

Licensing of electric generating sets of 1MW capacity and below and electrical contractors

Conducting investigation on electrical accidents and to ensure safety in the electricity industry in Nigeria

Implementing Renewable Energy progammes/initiatives (Solar, Wind, Biomass, Small Hydro etc)

Coordinating activities of power sector

Promoting the development of hydro power plants through public private partnership (PPP)

Participating in bilateral and multilateral relations affecting the power sector and

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