Nigeria ministry of mines and steel

In this post I will to explain what are the NIGERIA Ministry of mines and steel , the uses of Nigeria mines and steel

Nigeria Ministry of mines and steel

Mines and Steel Development Ministry is a Nigerian ministry established in 1985 to encourage development of the country’s solid mineral resources

Ministry formulates policy, provides information on mining potential and production, regulates operations and generates revenue for the government Operational departments include Mining cadastre records of mine locations, ownership etc Geological survey of Nigeria, Mines inspectorate, Artisanal and small-scale mining and Mining environment

NIGERIA Ministry of labour and productivity

Organisation of mines and steel

Ministry is directed by a Federal Minister and by a Minister of State, both appointed by the President of a state A Permanent Secretary, who is a career civil servant, assists the Ministers the permanent Secretary is responsible for day-to-day operations and for implementation of policy changes

The Nigerian Geological Survey Agency is a Nigerian government agency specialising in the geology and earth sciences in Nigeria. It falls under the Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel Development It was created by the Nigerian Geological Survey Establishment Act of 2006 and is a successor to the Geological Survey of Nigeria, which was established in 1919 after the unification of the Northern Nigeria and the Southern Nigeria Protectorates

Activities of ministry of mines and steel

The Activities of the agency include the following

1 geological mapping

2 mineral exploration and evaluation

3 drilling and technical services

4 hydrogeological research

5 engineering geological research

6 geochemical mapping

It has a subsidiary, NGSA Consult Ltd, which provides consultancy services

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