Nigeria ministry of civil service commission(FCSC)

Who are the NIGERIA federal ministry of civil service commission (FCSC)

In this article I will like to explain the Full details of Nigeria ministry of civil service commission

Nigerian Ministry of Civil service commission

Nigeria Federal Civil Service Commission of Nigeria (FCSC) is an executive body in Nigeria that has the authority to make appointment and transfer, and to exercise disciplinary control over all Federal Civil Servants.

No officer can be appointed into the Civil Service without authorization from the Federal Civil Service Commission if they have been convicted of a crime, or had previously been employed in the Government Service and had been dismissed or retire or asked to resign

 Responsibilities of civil service commission

Nigeria Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) is responsible for these

To Representation of the Civil Service Commissioners at Senior Staff Committee meetings of Ministries

To appoint qualified candidates to man the different Ministries/Extra-Ministerial Departments in the Federal Civil Service.

To ensure that such appointments maintain/represent the Federal character of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

To make recommendations to the Federal Government on Personnel policies aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the Federal Civil Service.

To ensure that Personnel decisions are taken objectively, promptly and competently in accordance with the policies and interest of the Federal Government.

To Review and approval of recommendations on Disciplinary cases of senior officers

Recruitment of senior Officers

To Ratification of promotion of offices to senior positions, including conducting promotion interviews and exams

To Hearing appeals on matters of appointment, promotion and disciplines

To Providing guidelines on appointments, promotions and discipline.

In the case of appointments at the Director or Permanent Secretary level, the Chairman of the FCSC may head a panel that interviews candidates who pass the written examination


Staffs of federal civil service commission

All staff of the Federal Civil Service Commission with the exception of the Chairman and Commissioners are civil servants directly under the control of the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation.

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Vision of federal civil service commission

To build a core of highly focused, disciplined, committed and patriotic Civil Service totally dedicated to supporting the Government in the development of a strong, united and virile Nigeria.

Duties of federal ministry of civil service commission

In pursuit of the stated vision to meticulously apply extant rules and regulations in providing excellent, honest, fair and equitable service that shall remain the foundation of the fundamental principles governing human resource management in the Federal Civil Service.

Brief history of civil service commission

When Nigeria gained her independence in 1960 from the British Colonial Authority, the Public Service Commission was entrenched in the constitution of Nigeria to perform the function of appointments, promotion and discipline in the Public Service

particularly as Government business were organized under the departmental Establishments such as Public Works Department, Treasury Department, Forestry Department, Health Department, the Nigerian Railways, the Electricity Board, the Telecommunication Board and the Nigerian Harbour, to mention a few.


Functions of federal civil service commission

Section 153(I)d of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Part I(d) paragraph II of the third Schedule established the functions of the Federal Civil Service Commission as: –

to appoint persons to offices in the Federal/State Civil Services and to dismiss and exercise disciplinary control over persons holding such offices.

Commission Structure of civil service commission

The Commission has a total of 456 officers cutting across the various levels; this number however does not include the Chairman and 15 Commissioners. The competences are as follows:

With 49 officers on Salary Grade Level 15 and above that possess at least a First Degree in relevant fields (Humanities, Management and Accounts) and cognate experiences of over 20 years distributed among the six (6) departments, the core competence is in order.

On Salary Grade Levels 10 – 14, there are 55 officers. It is however observed that most of the officers are not University Graduates. There is therefore a gap in terms of the competence within the bracket especially in the human resources management which constitutes the core function of the Commission.

On Salary Grade Level 03 – 09 there are 352 officers mostly support staff with few University Graduates on salary grade level 08 – 09.

Generally, the staff composition is lean with only 456 staff manning a six-departmental structure and saddled with the constitutional responsibility of Appointment, Promotion and Discipline for the whole Federal Civil Service.

Departments of civil service commission

Planning, Research and Statistics Department

Planning, Research and Statistics Department This Department is headed by a Director and assisted by a Deputy Director as well as other supporting officers.

It was made up of two Divisions namely; the Planning and the Research / Statistics Divisions

Functions of the Department are as stated below

1 Preparation of plans

2 Monitoring and evaluation of plan implementation

3 Researching into sectors over which the Commission has jurisdiction

4 Sorting and monitoring of performance and efficiency targets for the various sub-divisions and staff of the Commission

5 Collection and processing of data and statistics

6 Management of the Commission’s records and information resources namely; computer, registry, library services.


During the year, the section successfully collected, complied and analysed the data especially on appointment, promotion and disciplinary cases approved by the Commission. It also coordinated the preparation of the draft of the 2010 Annual Report of the Commission. In addition, it updated the manpower statistics of the Federal Civil Servants during the year.

Library Services

The Library performed its traditional role of acquisition, processing, presentation and dissemination of information during the year. It also procured and circulated newspapers and magazines to the entitled officers.



The 3 Registries namely Secret, Open and Appointment Registries carried out their duties effectively during the period under review.

1 Open Registry

The Open Registry (OR) carried out its responsibilities of searching, sorting, posting, creating and dispatching of letters and files to their respective destinations.


2 Secret Registry

The Secret Registry was in charge of keeping all confidential and secret files as well as maintained policy files on Government Losses Committee, disciplinary and promotion matters. It also dispatched all letters on disciplinary and promotion cases to the various Ministries/Extra-Ministerial Departments. In addition, it recorded the APER scores for the numerous officers who were due for promotion during the year in review.


3 Appointment Registry

The Appointment Registry was in charge of registering and giving out file numbers to applicants seeking for jobs in the Federal Civil Service. During the year, it registered a total of eleven thousand two hundred and forty eight (11,248) applicants and gave them file numbers.

Recruitment & Appointment

The Recruitment and Appointment Department comprises two Divisions, namely, Recruitment and Secondment and Transfer. The Secondment and Transfer Division is concerned with the offer of appointment to officers who are already employed in other Scheduled Services. Appointments could either be permanent (transfer) or for a specific period (secondment). The Recruitment Division, on the other hand, is concerned with the employment of suitably qualified persons into posts graded on salary Grade Levels 07-17.

Recruitment Division

The Recruitment Division normally process the applications of persons who have had no previous employment or have been employed in non-scheduled Services/organisations. The Division routinely obtains vacancy positions directly from the Ministries and Extra-Ministerial Departments or through the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation. It processes both permanent and temporary appointments made by the Commission. Regularization of appointments are also processed by the Division for the entire Federal Civil Service.

Secondment & Transfer Division

This Division has responsibility for the processing of all applications for transfer of Officers from and into the Federal Civil Service. It also handles the secondment of Officers into and from the Federal Civil Service. While transfer is a permanent release of an Officer from one Government Agency to another.

Secondment, on the other hand, is a temporary release of an Officer to the Service of another Government Agency or International Organizations of which Nigeria is a member, for a specific period. In the discharge of these functions, the Division is strictly guided by the Commission’s Guidelines and relevant provisions of the Public Service Rules.

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