Nigeria ministry of Police affairs

In this post it will explain who are the Nigeria Ministry of Police affairs, what are the rules functions and duties of Nigeria ministry of Police affairs.

Nigeria Ministry of Police affairs

Ministry of Police affairs is to Pursuant to the present government cardinal objective to strengthen the Internal Security architecture in the Country

Federal Government, re-established the Ministry of Police Affairs out of the former Ministry of Interior.

Ministry of affairs is unique when compared to other Ministries on the basis of its statutory mandate as enshrined in section 5, 147 and 148 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Responsibilities of ministry of Police affairs

The Ministry is to, among others initiate, formulate and implement policies and programs relating to policing and internal security as well as to provide supervision and administrative support to the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), the Police Academy (POLAC) and the newly established Nigeria Police Trust Fund (NPTF).

The Also Ministry is to provide political will and administrative support for the Nigerian Police Force to operate as an efficient, well motivated, well equipped and people friendly police.

In the present administration renewed determination is being pursued to conscientiously tackle the security challenges facing the country through boosting the funding of the Nigeria Police Force, the President of the federal Republic of Nigeria signed into law, “The Nigeria Police Trust Fund Establishment Act, 2019” on 24th June, 2019

Agencies of ministry of Police affairs

The Ministry of Police Affairs oversees the operations of the following Agencies

1 Nigeria Police Force

To create a secured environment for everyone living in Nigeria and to make Nigeria safer and more secure for economic development and growth.

2 Police Academy, (POLAC), Wudil, Kano

To train and develop a Pool of high level Manpower for the Nigeria Police Force that will meet the modern day challenges of Policing in the Country.

3 Police Colleges

To train and re-train Police Personnel for effectiveness and responsiveness and to sharpen their skills on Policing in line with global standards and practices.

4 Nigeria Police Trust Fund

To mobilize required Funds for adequate implementation of Police Programmes and Projects and to build a well equipped and motivated Nigeria Police Force.

Department of Police affairs And Finance and Accounts


The Department of Finance and accounts of the Ministry of Police Affairs serves as a technical support arm to the Accounting Officer of the Ministry in the areas of budget preparation and accounting for financial stewardship.

Mission and Focus of the Police affairs Department

Department is responsible for management of the financial resources of the ministry. By providing sound advice to the Accounting Officer on best practices as stipulated in the Financial Regulations and on compliance with extant rules.

It is also responsible for the preparation of the draft of the Ministries budget which is presented to the National Assembly for approval.

Department also exercises budgetary control on the manner in which expenditure is carried. This is in a bid to achieve targeted results, reduce wastages and achieve operational efficiency.

Nigeria ministry of civil service commission(FCSC)

Functions of the Department of Police affairs

1 To Ensuring that the Financial Regulations are complied with in the transactions of the ministry.

2 To Providing sound financial advice to the accounting officer on how best to manage and apply the available financial resources.

3 Maintaining the accounting books and records accurately for all disbursements of the ministry.

4 Collecting, recording and reporting all revenue accruing to the ministry.

5 Compiling and defending the budget proposal of the ministry.

6 Managing staff performance and capacity through appropriately designed training programmes.

7 Liaising with the Accountant General of the Federation.

8 Ensuring prompt rendition of all returns as promptly and regularly as prescribed by the Financial Regulations.

DISCIPLINE of Police affair

Discipline unit takes charge of the disciplinary procedure on erring staff in accordance with the Public Service Rule. It has a single section under it called Secret Registry.

PROMOTION of Police affairs

The Promotion branch, under the APD division, takes charge of matters relating to conversion, upgrading/advancement, Annual Performance Evaluation Report (APER) as well as general promotion matters.

By Monitoring and reporting on the state of equipment, accommodation and training needs of the Nigeria Police Force with a view to ensure their adequacy and regular visitations to Police Stations, Barracks, Duty post/beats and other activities at least on quarterly basis.

By Police weekly briefing, recording and processing of general Police statistics on crime and other matters.

By Preparation of periodic and annual reports on the activities of Police Inspectorate Department.

By Design and implementation of programmes to inculcate the virtue of anti-corruption, ethics, probity and transparency in the affairs of the Nigeria Police Force.

By Preparation of quarterly and annual reports on the progress of implementation of Police Training and Capacity Building Projects relating to Police Training Institutions.

By Handling matters relating to the Insurance of Assets of the Nigeria Police Training Institutions.

By Review and implementation of policies on Community Policing.

By Handling Police Community Relations’ matters.

By Handling matters on training of the Nigeria Police Force.

By Inspection of Police Training Institutions.

By Periodic review of the curricular of Police Training Institutions.

By Monitoring of the training programmes of the Nigeria Police Force local and abroad.

By Provide technical and logistics assistance and support to the Nigeria Police Force.

Conducting Police Public Perception Survey.

Functions of Legal Services


The functions of the department include the under-listed amongst others:

Representing the Honourable Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice in this Ministry.

Rendering of legal advice/opinion to the Ministry.

Advocacy/Litigations i.e., representing or defending the Ministry in suits filed against them before Courts.

Drafting/vetting all forms of legal documents such as Agreements, Memoranda.

Attending meetings both within and outside the Ministry.

Liaison with the Federal Ministry of Justice and other Government bodies on behalf of the Ministry on legal issues.

Handling of petitions to the Honourable Minister and rendering of appropriate legal advice thereon and other related legal correspondences.


The Unit currently has three (3) Lawyers and three (3) support staff.

1 General Services

The general service Department is one of the two newly established Departments in the MDAs through a Circular Ref No. HCSF/CMO/EM/243/17 of 11th of March 2014.

Vision of the department

To be the finest Custodial and facility Service Department in the federal Civil Service by providing consistent, quality service with commitment to excellence.

Mission of the department

The Department is made up of two Divisions, viz: General Services and Maintenance, with the following functions:

Division under the department

1 General services division

2 maintenance division


1 Transport Administration

2 Utility Services

3 Store Management

4 Security


1 Maintenance Services

2 Office Allocation

3 Facility Management

4 Plant and Equipment Management

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