Nigeria ministry of budget and national planning

In post I will like to explain the full details about Nigeria ministry of budget and national planning.

What are the rules of ministry of budget and national planning at the end of this post you will understand what are the responsibilities of Nigeria ministry of budget and national planning

Nigeria Ministry of budget and national planning

Federal Ministry of Budget and National Planning is one of the Federal Ministries of Nigeria.

History of ministry of budget and national planning

It was originally set up by Decree No 12 of 1992 as the National Planning Commission and later amended by Act 71 of 1993. The core responsibility of the commission is the formulation of medium term and long term economic and development plans for the nation. The Commission has the mandate to determine and advise the Government of the Federation on matters relating to National Development and overall management of the national economy.

The detailed objectives, functions, powers and structure of the Commission are outlined under sections 2, 3 and 5 of the Establishment Act.

Functions of ministry of budget and national planning

The following are the functions of Nigeria ministry of budget and planning

1 To provide policy advice to the President in particular and Nigeria in general on all spheres of national life

2 To set national priorities and goals and engender consensus among Government agencies, as may be contained in guidelines issued by the Commission from time to time

3 To undertake periodic review and appraisal of the human and material resources capabilities of Nigeria with a view to advancing their development, efficiency and effective utilization

4 To formulate and prepare long-term, medium-term and short-term national development plans and to co-ordinate such plans at the Federal, State and Local government levels

5 To monitor projects and progress relating to plan implementation

6 To advise on changes and adjustments in institutions and management techniques as well as attitudes necessary for the alignment of actions with plan targets and goals

7 To conduct research into various aspects of national interest and public policy and ensure that the implications and results of the findings in such research are geared towards the enhancement of national, economic, social, technological defence and security capabilities and management

8 To mobilize popular group and institutional consensus in support of Government policies and programmes

9 To manage multilateral and bilateral economic co-operation, including development aid and technical assistance

10 To deal with matters relating to regional economic co-operation, including the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the African Common Market (ACM), the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), and South–South cooperation and

11 To carry out such other duties as are necessary or expedient for the full discharge of all or any of the functions conferred on the Commission under the Act.

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