Nigeria ministry of youth and sports

What you must Know about Nigeria ministry of youth and sports. In This article I will like to explain what Nigeria ministry of youth and sports is all about

Nigeria Ministry of youth and sports

Ministry of Sports and Social Development was established on 1999 to 2007

National Sports Commission established on 2007 to 2015

History of ministry of youth and sports

Nigeria participated in an international sporting event for the first time at 1934 Common Wealth and Empire Day Games held in London

Nigeria first contingent participation in 1950 Commonwealth Games, 1952 Olympics in Finland and 1965 All African Games in Brazzaville, Congo

National Sports Council was established in 1962, as a parastatal under the Federal Ministry of Labour

Became established as the National Sports Commission in 1971 (by the Federal Military Government Decree 34 of 1971)

In 1975, Nigeria had her first Minister for Youth and Sports

In 1995, The National Sport Commission was nulled and replaced with Ministry of Youth and Sports

In 2007, The Ministry for Sport and Social again nulled then replaced with the National Sports Commission

About the NIGERIA ministry of youth and sports

Evolution of Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development

Ministry is the outcome of the merger of the defunct Federal Ministry of Youth Development (FMYD) and the National Sports Commission (NSC) by the proclamation of His Excellency, Mr. President on the restructuring of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) of Government on 11th November, 2016.

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Functions of Nigeria Ministry of sports and youths

Designing guidelines for youth and sports development activities in the country

1. formulating monitoring and reviewing the National Youth and Sports Policies

2. articulating relevant programmes of action for youth and sports development

3. coordinating and monitoring youth and sports development activities at the three levels of Government and the collaborating partners

4. collaborating with all stakeholders for the funding of the youth and sports sectors

5. creating opportunities for youth to be involved in decision making processes in matters that affect them, the environment and the society

6. inculcating in the youth, the values of human rights, social justice, equity, fairness and gender equality

7. promoting conducive atmosphere for social, mental, emotional and physical development of the youth

8. promoting formal and informal training of youth and athletes in life and livelihood skill

9. establishing sustainable developmental projects in the Youth and Sports sectors

10. promoting, in collaboration with other youth and sports bodies, the physical fitness and general wellbeing of all persons in Nigeria

11. organizing, or assisting financially or otherwise, the participation in sports at inter-state, national and international levels

12. providing enabling environment for the development of coaches, technical and support staff for effective training of athletes

13. conducting and encouraging research into all matters relating to Youth and Sports

14. providing, maintaining and upgrading Youth and Sports Centres and facilities for training Nigerians in youth and sports development activities

15. ensuring the participation of all sportsmen/women where required in inter-state, national or international competitions

16. coordinating and integrating efforts to raise the standard of performance in Sports in Nigeria

17. promoting international cooperation to facilitate youth and sports development

18. collaborate with relevant stakeholders to promote holistic development of physically challenged persons in all field of endeavors including sports; and

19. to liaise with MDAs and development partners engaged in the provision of youth and sports development services in the country for the purposes of coordination and harmonization of all youth and sports development initiatives across the country.


Organisational Structure of ministry

The Honourable Minister is the Chief Executive Officer, while the Permanent Secretary is the Head of Administration and Chief Accounting Officer.

As approved by the Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation Ministry is structured into 14 Departments comprising 8 Operational (Professional) Departments 6 Common Services Department 3 Units and 4 Parastatals and a liaison office as below

List of Departments, Units, Parastatals & Liaison Office

List of 14 Departments

1. Education and Youth Development (EYD)

2. Enterprises Development & Promotion (EDP)

3. Facilities & Stadium Management (FASM)

4. Federations & Elite Athletes Development Department (FEAD)

5. Finance and Accounts (F&A)

6. General Services Department (GSD)

7. Grassroots Sports Development (GRSD)

8. Human Resource Management (HRM)

9. Network and Social Mobilization (NSM)

10. Planning, Research & Statistics (PRS)

11. Procurement (PROC)

12. Special Duties (SD)

13. Sports Medicine (SM)

14. National Sports Festival & Parasports Department

List of 3Units

1. Internal Audit (IA)

2. Legal Unit (LA)

3. Press Unit (PU)


1. Citizenship & Leadership Training Centre

2. National Institute for Sports

3. National Youth Service Corps

4. Nigeria Football Federation

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